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Looks like our pediperp wants to deal and wheel...
I have, but no response from them yet. Been over a week.
Thanks, but it only fixed the one. I have other comments on recent posts that are messed up still. Too many to bother with I think.
Hmmm... working from an iPad. That comment was not meant to be up there.
Just consider us your proof readers. Then you will find that we are your partners and not critics. We care about the success of both your job and this web comic. So let us handle anything you miss, and verything will turn out all right in the end. :D
We love you too!

And yes, Flanix, you can trust him. Just don't expect him to hold the same standard of rationality. Have you seen the way Lance dresses?!
Stop! Hammer time!
...and Flanix isn't sharp enough to ask for reciprocity. A bi-directional exchange of DNA would have been good for both sides...
@Astin: ultimately, only you would know. Flanix is very intelligent. However, he has several problems he is facing that the moment. First, he's worn out. He walked himself into exhaustion. Though he's since rested, he was far from recovered, and now he's used so much elemental power that his true eyes are visible. So he's back to being exhausted. Furthermore, he's young and inexperienced. The current scenario is more than most normal people could handle rationally. Compounding that is the fact that Lance has consistently defied his expectations which is obviously confusing him. Lastly, Lance has made advances with significant strings attached with profound consequences. Only someone touched by a god could possibly maintain composure and handle the situation rationally. So far Flanix hasn't been the most rational. We'll see what you come up with next.
So long as the reverse is also true, this could bring about a lasting peace.
Skip the "politics" please. ;)
Fast food on the run!
She certainly will be "excited" to hear what her brother committed them to...
Well now. That was...revealing... Talitha is certainly forthcoming. As noted earlier, her dad probably told her not to talk about what was done to her. However, this isn't that kind conversation. I'm trying to decided if this is subtler or what? All I can say is that this is a "mind blown" moment.
@Astin: Indeed. Any favorites?
July 10th, 2017
Be strong Flora! Benni is now forewarned. He has a better advantage than you did.
@Astin: something like that...
Truth is I'm a bit of a documentary junkie. I've seen quite a few in my time.

Edit: now that I consider it, you meant that about yourself. A bit of a documentary junkie yourself?
Getting it right.
I must say I'm impressed with one thing. You have the rendler biting at the back of the neck. Many predators (cats in particular) do this. Many authors miss this behavior in predators.
Nothing like a little "motivation" to tap into hidden abilities!
I have been on both sides. I've suffered the abuse of my peers, and I've been abusive. Eventually I grew up and defended the abused. To this day I have a very poor opinion of bullies, and the environments that allow them to thrive.