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I have been on both sides. I've suffered the abuse of my peers, and I've been abusive. Eventually I grew up and defended the abused. To this day I have a very poor opinion of bullies, and the environments that allow them to thrive.
Indeed. It does sound like she's saying she had sex with her brothers...
@JoKeR: no problem. Glad to help!
The term you are looking for is "internecine".
Indeed, which is the purpose of my last sentence. It expresses that uncertainty.
The police had enough evidence in that tin to put him away. Prison is hard on child molesters and pedophiles. Many do not survive long. Same thing happens to rapists as well. If they manage to survive to parole, they get put on a watch list. Can't say what happens in this world though.
@Campion: Gotcha. Sorry to hear about the technical limitations, but such is life.
Out of curiosity, I know hat in the past you had a different publishing cycle for Sunday's. If I recall correctly, those were out of sequence with the rest of the strip. Any chance you integrated them chronologically (story timeline) into the rest of the comic?
As a whole I like it. However, I've noticed it still has a few wrinkles. Primarily, when I go back several pages my browser performance tends to drop. It gets worse the more pages I browse. I've had a few crashes as well. This has been on my iPad. I haven't tried the new format on my computer yet as I don't generally use it for web comics, so I don't know how that performs.
Indeed. Technically, I'm on my third read through. It also helps keeping the story straight by periodic rereading.
ROFL! I never said we should. Are you sure you aren't projecting on me? :P
I never said you should.
The problem with kits (and kids) is that they don't know what they don't know. So it's easy to take advantage of them. And because they don't know, they tend to disregard the wisdom of well meaning adults who only wish to see them avoid the pitfalls they personally experienced. Instead, kits, like Benni, think that because the adults did something when they were young, it's ok for them to do it too. And thus a vicious cycle perpetuates, all because of the impatience of youth. *sigh*
@Linn: now that DOES sound interesting! Throw in a cheese burger, and you have a trifecta! It's the turducken of the fast food world!
Um...taco pizza is a thing. I get it every time I go to CiCi's Pizza.
Perpetually offended...
You just went up several points in my estimation for that little "rant".
That's one miserable kit. I feel bad for Talitha.
@Campion: for all the time I've been reading your web comic, I haven't taken the time to comment on your artistry. I have seen many people draw anthros in many different art styles, however, all of them share one flaw in common. Their children (drawings of course) are not very believable. More often than not, they look like smaller versions of adults, or are grotesquely mutated in appearance. Yours are the only ones I look at that correctly capture not just the appearance, but the mannerisms of children. That's no small feat (even for non-anthro children). My hat's off to you. You must spend a large amount of time around children. Not just for the drawing, but also for the topic at hand. Are you into social work? Regardless, keep up the good work!
February 14th, 2017
Congratulations on 400!
And so it begins...
It'll be interesting to see how Mrs. Defay handles this.