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Hiyou! =D Mmm..a short description of meself huh? Not much to say =D I'm lazy, a college student, artist, and a huge procrastinator.
Let's see...I admire Natsu, Naruto and Zash as anime role models *nods* and I like anything that's fantasy and funny. I like the color purple and bunnies!
Yep!! That pretty much sums it up =D
Thanks for reading!?
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Oooo that was a scary way of course.

Honestly I missed it. I only heard the noise and saw her missing from the picture lol Darn, missed a good scare.
Gosh I laughed hard at that lol
Oh? That was so smooth. lol better luck next time =D
Wow my friend well love this =^^=
Oooh I likes ^^
Looks great!
lol yeah if you say so ^^
Ah. Yes
This my friends is called lazy art!!!! (or to most 'filler page').
That took long!!
This page has been in my computer uncolor'd for days!! Ain't it great =D
I took it down ^^; My bad...
I thought it looked bad ^^; Just something to fill up the space.
It's in color!?!
Yep, takes a while but it looks a whole lot better than if it was in b/w. For some reason I can't do b/w well ^^;
This is my favorite one! lol
It's so interesting. Gots me hook. Love your art style.
Cute kid.
luv your coloring style ^^