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Miku and AnonymousGlaceon, the only ship that matters.
Lem is so precious...
I'm guessing the theme is the PMV you are making with Bolt. (I know you posted the specific name of it somewhere if you need it as well).
Is Pepper's older brother SALTY that they're playing with Blizz?
Wow, Dusk is so scared of Blizz that he's crying for Harmony XD
I thought you said you liked making Vay suffer XD
Dusk is such a dork XD
Maybe Blizz should take up Yoga. And anger management. And other things :/

Is that Dusk's manga?
Welp, RIP Vay, Died to TM 15.
*****, stop experimenting on the precious eevee child...
So... I guess LightFire is more sane because it's run my an eevee?
@Pinkeevee222: Don't worry, I don't want to spoil XD
So... who's first?
Nevermind. I feel stupid now that I've found where it is, it's even named XD
Love Flareon's face here XD
He just takes the logic and hides it in Flareon's tail somewhere.
Where is Dawn's secret? I can't find it.