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@bmthfobsws: She was just hit with the bombshell that someone threatened to take her life behind her back, so her expression is understandable. Unless you're talking about her pose before that, then yes I would agree she looks a bit pitiful for a leader at that moment
@Jirvey: At least now I know I wasn't going crazy hahaha
@reddog_f13: That's strange, I don't remember there being an actual torch there. It genuinely looked like a pouch to me. I guess I just got it wrong. I was looking at this page on my phone originally (on my computer now) so I guess it just looked like a pouch to me at the time
@furryfelinemonstrosities: Ah, that makes sense why it would be lying there. I tend to forget things quickly. It seemed strange that it was just sitting there to begin with, and it doesn't strike me for Aira to have something like that.
It's an interesting looking harness...the little triangular pouch looks far too small for carrying water or other supplies and looks too strange to be a pouch to carry around a weapon. Could it be used to carry torches?
Oh dear
Rogio isn't looking too good, the poor thing...
He's actually doing this
Wooow, he's actually going to barter with one of the evil spirits! How this is going to go down, with rogio being alive and all, will certainly be interesting...
This sure is sudden
Then again, Ranach is still being selfish. He left Rogio to DIE (not knowing he survived), and he still thinks that he'll be back together again with him?? How strange. Perhaps the two Meteor dogs were right, he's lost his mind.

The first thing that popped into my head was suicide, but the way he's acting makes me unsure of that. Could he be going to pray to one of the dark spirits?

Edit: oh goodness, I should really read all of the comments before I make one myself, what I've said everyone's already thinking XD
I really can understand both sides of the equation here, neither one of them is wrong. They both have good intentions, but even good intentions have repercussions.

I adore how there is no black and white with these two, they're both entirely in the gray. Fantastic job Kique!
Well hello there
She does nooooot look happy seeing her brother...considering the argument those two had before her expression is self-explanatory. Hopefully we'll be getting more information on exact WHAT they were talking about (if memory serves me right, which is hardly ever, we didn't get a lot/anything about their previous conversation).
@Death_Wolf1250: It does say on his reference sheet that he is a baron, so perhaps that explains it (if the bracelet signifies anything to begin with).
The dog bowing to Jahla is the only one wearing that bracelet.
I'm just as surprised as Keirr here. Although I'm not against a romantic interest between these two, in fact I think it would be kinda cute, this is a little too early for things to be happening. From how she's acting, I'm sure that the sudden move was just an act of desperation to get Keirr to stay a little longer. Or at least I think so.
Curious to see what Kargo plans to talk about and the thoughts brewing in Roamer's head...
And omg the colors on this page ARE SO PRETTY AHH I'm a sucker for blues and oranges
How Intriguing
Could these new folks have come up from the south? I assume not, due to their position on the page and correlating to the map, but something fun to think about I guess :)