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We're back!
Well, it's been a long time, but Conniptions is back! For how long exactly, remains to be seen, but still.

It fucking hurts us (or atleast me, I can't speak for Jertje.) to submit this comic, because it's so disgustingly cliche and done-to-death by every other webcomic that ever drasticly re-did its art style.

It's a fucking punch in the face to our original goal, but sad fact is that our original goal just wasn't feasible when your 90% of our time is taken up by kicking incomprehensible amounts of ass and enjoying the attentions of our numerous, amazingly well-endowed concubines.
I approve of this comic.
I like you already.
Re: trowa
And the original worked better :P
September 10th, 2005
Alien, anybody?
I sense chest bursters.
The differing styles is a result of two things:

This comic is drawn by two people.
We are experimenting with different styles.

The changes in clothing, hair, etc are quite deliberate.
Re: Xman
That's because Conniptions *is* a rant in the form of a comic.

The characters look different because, unlike mos comic artists, cartoonists and animators, we believe that people do not wear the same clothes day in, day out, 100% of the time.

If I want to take my trenchcoat off and shave my facial hair every once in a while, I will.

I don't know about you, but most people own more than one outfit.
Sprite Shite
Our first comic wasn't directed at anyone from Smackjeeves - but this one sure as hell is.

I expect a volley of one-votes from pissed off sprite comic "artists", but quite frankly, I don't give a flying shit.

I feel fucking DIRTY for uploading a comic that looks so utterly awful as this. This comic required so little effort to create that really is a fucking JOKE!

Yet, no matter how hard I tried - I couldn't get it to look as poorly scaled and compressed as some of the comics here.
Sadly, despite being called "Crap Art", this comic is drawn significantly better than a lot of the other comics here.
Gets my approval purely because it mentions Unreal.

... Unless it's talking about UT2003/4, in which case I hate you all.
Wimps living in fear of slander lawsuits.

You'll not find such weakness on my part!
I vote for ads, because my browser blocks them all :P
August 15th, 2005
Looks goood. I'll keep note of this comic :)
Gasp! How dare you insult the glory of mighty Stalin's great Soviet Union!
August 14th, 2005
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum?

The ship looks nice :D
The exact same thing happened to me last week...
August 13th, 2005
Looking good.
The storyline is going slowly, but that's better than it being to fast to follow.
I felt the art quality had slipped a little from the first to the second comic, so we put a little more effort into this one.
Dual Suckage
What started as a simple question about why the DS' range of games was so poor quickly turned into an all-out "Let's verbally tear the DS a new one" frenzy.

Oh how I love Ventrilo.
At last! A comic worthy of a rating above ONE.

Enjoy your shiny 4-star rating!