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Likes cheese, Asian food, and reading BL comics... not necessarily in that order.

I see what you did there! Ehehe..

"Maybe someone like you."
Oh, smexy and smooth...

Ha! Epic!
Oh, Red's smexy... love the ears, eyes, and teeth!
I'm utterly convinced Des is moonlighting as an incubus...

Wonder if he's got the credentials for that particular job? ehehe. I'll stop now...

Wouldn't that make Des a... * le gasp *

Haha! Des is me during horror movies! Analyzing the characters and the choices they make. If they get too foolish, I give up on them and throw popcorn at the TV while cheering for the monster.
Good times.
Lewis is my fav. A scaredy cat after my own heart...

I want him to get a demon too! haha
Oh my!
Demon Des is a cutie... horns and all.
↜(╰ •ω•)╯ψ
Welcome to my new webcomic, Catch A Falling Star! I hope you enjoy it!
My first webcomic!
The page-by-page version of my webcomic, Catch A Falling Star.

Can be read in vertical scroll format at:

I'll be updating frequently until I catch up with Tapastic and Webtoons. The comic in still in its infancy. I'll try to maintain a bi-weekly update schedule when life outside of comic-making permits.