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Oh Paollo...

@ameoname: Oh I understood 100%. Glad you caught my drift. ;)
I don't think he is even beginning to understand the level of fucked they are. You don't mess with Espurr's clean floors.
She's so energetic and sweet.

And I just know what she's preparing our boy Yoni for.
*winkwink nudgenudge*
And everyone died happily ever after, leaving no one to EVER MAKE A MES SON THE SHIP EVER AGAIN. EVER.

The end.
@MercenaryX: I think yours is just as good.
November 15th, 2017
I ship it.
@Dark-Chibi-Shadow: Haha, he looks great.
... he dreams of Rufio.
@ameoname: *Audience laughs*
'I don't care about a new jawbone, look at this fly scarf!'
And here we see one of the grooms, waking up after a crazy night of partying.
My theory is that since heaven and hell are already on Earth, there's no reason for her soul to leave.
It's a fly ball out to centerfield and iiiiiit's.... caught! Yerrrrrr outta there!
@ameoname: I counted the number of stars following the t, it was the only logical answer I could come up with.
November 11th, 2017
Even his stomach mouth is smiling, truly this is a happy reunion.
Good lord! Bug catchers that evolved their Pokémon PAST Metapod and Kakuna?! Unheard of!
@ameoname: Time and tryptophan! It'll help with sleep and good moods!
Um. Yes. Hello. Quick request. Please don't let Mother die.
And on your left, you can see a flying squirrel.