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@jayseesall: I don't think anyone notice, but it's fine! It happens to the best of us, and it's usually a case of your computer being dumb and not you.
@Falconer: Haha, you posted the same comic twice.
You're here to join the CLUB aren't you?
@A Quiet Reader: And one day, he might even grow up to be Wiggly TUFF.
Is that a dusk stone?
There, by that blurry tree.
Krampus came early this year...
TMW They tell you to take the red pill or the blue pill but you take them both.
Pokémon fanclub? Yeah right. If they really loved Pokémon, they wouldn't be nearly so judgmental.
I'm so disappointed in Garvan, he didn't even put on a button up shirt that's unbuttoned for the wedding. It's the least he could have done.

If Yoni has to wear a cape, Garvan needs to step up his game. This is NOT a one-sided wedding, my dudes!
Poor Rat's just like 'Oh god, what now?'
@:ok_hand:: She roasts Atty often enough, I think it's fitting.
@ameoname: You're in no danger of having your head chopped off! The comic would never be finished if we did that.
@Clown14: I know right? I feel cheated. All this noise for a WELCOME party? The heck. I was expecting wedding bells and <s>white doves</s> crows flying everywhere! What gives @ameoname?
"Excuse me, Noble Keepers..."
*meanwhile, chewing on his hair*
@ameoname: Great minds think alike, or so they say!
@Scorpio730: They didn't even bring a shotgun, I'm so disappointed.
@mrjacob77: Not quite a superhero landing though.
Wow, Garvan is the worst husband ever? He didn't even invite Yoni's family or friends to the ceremony. How RUDE.
@H0lyhandgrenade: It's Mr. Pokémon's grandson Mr. Pokémon, isn't it?