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Your art has improved SO MUCH from the first few pages~ *clapclap* <3 well done~
my gosh another one? SO SOON! It must be my birthday! well... actually it's my dad's but... yay another page! hope the next one doesn't take 5 months ;~; I really love this comic <3
girl in panel 6 - fem!Herz?
Well... this is better than that pidgey incident... *shudders at the thought and whimpers* ...the poor birdie ;~;
yaaay an update! ;7; I've missed this so badly~ >,:
a comment posted at 3:21 in the morning.
I knew it! Atty has gotten sho cute that the caterpie could not resist dat tsundere! >:U
Is it me or is Atti getting cuter? x3
Herz has always been my favourite and I love him more and more with every page xD you're doing an amazing job here!
I kept clicking the "next" button and I panicked when I realized this is the newest page .A. baww...s-so cute Ariel~
uwaaah~ I love the bottom panel <3
August 30th, 2009
u-uwoooh~ the effects on this page ;u; g-greaaat~
pfff... xD; stress was too much for the poor dear
*loves the shading* aww.. he looks so scared D: poor him *hugs*
oh my god! the last panel! his face! is just sooo beyond cute! <3
And that innocent group hug doesn't look so innocent for some reason o3o
oh this is such a fun comic <3
Is it me being silly or Alto has a small blush in the last panel? owo
hoshiz 1st comment? o,o
I want to say so much, yet I have no idea what to say o.o I love the last panel xD and the sparkly eyes in the 2nd panel <3 ... and... I just want to say so muuuch >< yet the thoughts I'm having can't be put in to words >:
you're back <3
aww Herz >: why is he always getting hurt? >: *huggles* so he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but that's no reason to walk all over him... literally xD

and 5th panel: he seems a little TOO happy owo;
I love this page o3o and like... he must be superman to throw that ball so hard to make a statue fall! xD
Eric... just fails to notice the affection he's been receiving ever since the other got his hands on him xD ...completely ignores it xD