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Donald Trumpet
-Building walls
-Deporting illegal immigrants


iz jok plz nu ban ;'(
I like reading webcomics. OKAY? IS THAT ENOUGH FOR YOU?
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    I am totally Donald Trump
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I just noticed it now, but I'm pretty sure that her running method changed this comic to make more sense for the whole "barefoot" thing.

If it was intentional, nice job tweaking it, since I saw a comment on the previous page pointing out how people tend to walk when barefoot for a while.
@slaybay: Pretty sure she left them at home on purpose. Or doesn't have them? idk
I just noticed that they both wear socks in the first few comics, but now they don't.
@R-Mod: He said "Go, Ness"

I'm guessing it's a Lapras, since it's called Ness.
@LilBruno: Thanks for telling me that, now I know when to check for new pages xD
Is there any schedule for the comic? I understand it's probably a challenge trying to update 2 webcomics regularly, but I was wondering if there was any specific day of the week for the uploads, and stuff like that.
Do you do drawing requests? I'm kinda curious.
Sydney's face: