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February 28th, 2018
W-what? '0'
Hahahahah Saitama feelings
ohh I liked this development..
Well well well xD
And the Oscar goes to... Brian! xD
Hahah looks like my best friend... I just keep eating sloooowly... do you know, breakfast is the most important meal... :P
Ohhh this is great!! Thank you!
Oh my... He's so handsome. I'm in love with your characters!!
Happy Birthday!!!!
I'm reading and loving your comic, just isn't functional the SJ's comments system. I prefer Tapastic ^^" (I'm following you there too)
Ah come on, Drake. Be nice. He will fuck you for your own sake. That sounds really really weird to say.
(I'm sorry for my english ^^")
@redrambl: Thank You! <3 <3
"Image not available." T.T
Oh my... This moment is so difficult, so strange, so terrifying and confusing.
At least I'm sure his mother will handle it very well.
(Bad english, Sorry T.T)
Happy Holidays from Brazil! ;)