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From fujoshi hell.
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Welcome to Midnight Coffee!

This is a bit of a present for your loyalty and support; you've been so kind and understanding that I wanted to at least give you something back for the time being. I hope you like it and makes the wait a bit worth it !

Midnight Coffee remake has started today in Patreon and during October it will be updating twice a week.

See you soon!
@Hoagie: you can pledge in patreon the months where you know there are going to be NSFW pages, I'll announce it :) Thank you !
@Teza2plays: honestly, it'd be easier to just quit and work on something else but i love MC so much that i owe it to the story to finish it; if that makes sense XD
thank you!
@sstogner1: I might be contacting you soon for future edits ;D thank you so much <3
@Aiyse: that's okay, I appreciate all kinds of support! Thank you <3
@WoodElf16: thank you so much!
@RoboticSpaceCase: Oh no, I will draw forever, no matter what.
Thank you very much :)
I linked to the post in patreon if you rather read it there;
Thank you
Oh no, I smell rejection D:
Sooch please ;__;
my heart my heart
my heart is breaking omg
oh no howie no, such a sad face :( !!
@Ina: pucha siempre me olvido q hablas español XD
April 29th, 2017
<3 28 y le dice viejo? hdp ...
April 28th, 2017
I have to say it; the panel with the horse laughing is hilarious, i cant stop laughing
April 16th, 2017
oh god, the look in sooch's eyes.. im hurTINg!!1
March 27th, 2017
wow i feel awkward by just looking at them, well done