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From fujoshi hell.
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@Arcane Allusion: its great! thank you!
@JunnGerl: yes they are!! thank you!
@WingFreak: hahahah id rather have pasta! thank you!
@Aiyse: thank you!
I've got a plane ticket so now... I'm officially moving to Italy! Wohoo!
This is not a luxury trip at all, I've got an opportunity and I'm gonna take it!
This is super intense both in emotional and economic way; consider checking out my patreon or commissions info to help me out with bills and food; I'm also hoping I get a muggle job once I'm there!
All your love and support is also very important; I will keep Midnight Coffee with regular updates as much as I can!
Once I'm settled I hope I can resume other comics :)

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> Ko-fi :
uh oh...

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Karla is way too patient with him, imo

Don't forget to check out my patreon! Tier 1 ($1) is one sketch update ahead of Midnight Coffee!
Yo Matt, HOW ABOUT you ask him!?

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Surprise update :D
This page was kinda in the middle between the previous scene and the next ones so yeah, update!
Soon stuff will happen and for that, I wrote the following wall of text:

*Things to have in mind:

- Matt is currently in this town for work; he lives in a city 5 hours away but he was transferred by his company for 6 months.
- Matt thought all his life he's straight. He still considers himself straight and doesn't really know much about sexual orientation. He's exploring his own with Levka.
- Levka is a physically weak vampire. He mentioned this before and, for now, the reason is unknown.
- Levka is, however, quite crafty in "vampire magic" or at least some "tricks".
- When Levka feeds from a human, he can feel their emotions for a certain period of time if they are strong enough. Depending on the human, he can read them more easily or not. Matt, as you probably assume, is someone quite difficult to read/sense/feel.
- They both agreed on spending together the time Matt has left in this town until he moves back to his city. (The reason why Matt invited Levka to move in with him).

When I release the remake of Midnight Coffee (which is only a redraw of the beginning with a few extra scenes and explanations) everything will be clearer, imo. You have to remember that when I started MC, it was only planned for 50 or so pages (lmao) and now I'm trying to polish the story to make sense.

Finally; remember there are some interesting rewards regarding Midnight Coffee in my patreon:
* Currently one update ahead (in sketches) of Midnight Coffee.
* Uncensored pages.
* Remake version of Midnight Coffee (in sketches).
* Comic of Levka's past.
* And more <3
Hello!! I didn't forget about Midnight Coffee!! I've been working like crrrrrrazy because I have maaaaany projects going on (more comics and more MC, yeesss!!). I'll keep you updated! ;D
REMEMBERRRrr to check out my patreon page for MC sketches, illustrations and a comic about Levka's past!
@CuteMissyCat: thank you!!
That's some next level relax

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Heya! Just so you know guys, I ALWAYS read your comments, always, no matter what!
I usually don't reply because honestly most of the time I don't know what to say
but know that I'm really grateful for each one of them!
Extra content + 1 update ahead in:
geez bunnies
One day I won't be late and will be able to keep a schedule.
This is the first time I schedule pages in this site, I just hope it works.
If anything fails, remember you can read it in TAPAS too.

PS. Drawing smiling Matt in so many panels feels very very weird xD
That was not ominous at all, Levka.
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February 24th, 2019
Wonderful news ( I think )
Midnight Coffee is back to weekly updates :D
Expect a new update every weekend! Yay!

This also means that Tier 1 Patreons are one scene ahead (in sketches) as it used to be!

Check it out as well as the other tiers!
January 14th, 2019
Thank you for patiently waiting~ As promised, Midnight Coffee is back.
I'm trying to build a buffer so I can upload once a week again, just a bit more of waiting C: