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From fujoshi hell.
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That's some next level relax

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Heya! Just so you know guys, I ALWAYS read your comments, always, no matter what!
I usually don't reply because honestly most of the time I don't know what to say
but know that I'm really grateful for each one of them!
Extra content + 1 update ahead in:
geez bunnies
One day I won't be late and will be able to keep a schedule.
This is the first time I schedule pages in this site, I just hope it works.
If anything fails, remember you can read it in TAPAS too.

PS. Drawing smiling Matt in so many panels feels very very weird xD
That was not ominous at all, Levka.
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February 24th, 2019
Wonderful news ( I think )
Midnight Coffee is back to weekly updates :D
Expect a new update every weekend! Yay!

This also means that Tier 1 Patreons are one scene ahead (in sketches) as it used to be!

Check it out as well as the other tiers!
January 14th, 2019
Thank you for patiently waiting~ As promised, Midnight Coffee is back.
I'm trying to build a buffer so I can upload once a week again, just a bit more of waiting C:
I hope you enjoy some extra info! :)
I didn't forget about you, smackjeeves friends; I just wanted to finish all 3 pages instead of uploading only one.
Java Bonds:
Next update: April 22
@sstogner1: Im glad you liked it!! :D
Heart of Keol:
Some of you saw the pages on stream, thanks for coming!

Last time I forgot to mention I finished editing the event PDF from Midnight Coffee's first anniversary; it's free to download from my patreon page:
Hope you like it!

Next update: April 1st (There will be a stream in between! ;) )
@Guest: Hello! No, it's not free. Here's the website:
However there's a free trial to see if you like it. Honestly, it's the most complete program I've ever used, with regular updates and a great customer support.
@ninaqueenbee: Ah yes! but I make them myself; there's a feature in the program I use (Clip Studio Paint) that has 3D dolls; I move both dolls to get the pose and angle I want
@ninaqueenbee: Thank you!
I generally study from photos of real people, preferably naked, to see muscles. I don't particularly practice that much, I am very observant and take my time to look at whatever Im interested in (hands, feet, etc). Then I try to apply whatever I've noticed.