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Pure umbreon
I like to make comics about Pokemon. I am an mix of an umbreon, Cubone and Sylveon but I am mostly Mew.
I am very playful, kind and always up for a challenge. I can be a little shy but thats not gonna stop me! I am a big dreamer and adventurous. I love making comics about Pokemon, Pokemon that I have created (Pokemon that are not real, just a part of my imagination!), and PokemonSun and Moon Pokemon. Yeah, that's a lot of the word Pokemon but I can't help it... I love Pokemon!

-Pure umbreon.
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    Classified, top secret information, no one can know.
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She is having the same problem that I had. Mew mew
Please let her get back her Pokemon. Mew mew
I know her pain... For I have had the same... Mew mew... I believe in you... Mew
I will give that Pokeball to you even if it means a life will be lost!! Mew mew
Me like him... Mew mew
It AWESOME! Mew mew
*puts paws up* I don't have hands. Mew mew
You have no idea of how emotional I am... Mew mew *cries*
Give her Pokeball back... And say sorry... Walk away and be much more kind... Or... All the dark power of the shiny umbreon mew will rain... Mew mew...
Lol, her face when he says "boo!" Mew mew!
@Pinkeevee222: you are super cute!!!! Mew mew!