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@MadMindInk: You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear that you want to come back to this story. It's one of my favorites on SmackJeeves. :)
At first I was like "Omg an update so soon?" And then I giggled madly and probably woke my one-year-old niece.
Scott's face is the best thing about this page. Because I totally cracked the hell up as soon as it loaded. Today was kinda "blah" and you brought some sunshine to it...I thank you.
To be fair, I've never heard of anyone over the age of like fourteen say the phrase "no homo".

But I totally would've done that when I was fourteen.
That is indeed interesting, as is this whole comic.
You've earned yourself another reader. :)
Aaah, my heart it breaks for Trevor! And on this page, where the vastness of the landscape and the smallness of Trevor himself further emphasizes his isolation...
I now want to know what Nanase's major malfunction is. I dislike her mightily, but now I'm interested in knowing what her issues with Hitomi and Yui are.