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I can't draw to save my life. I'm very skilled at writing, and I have a many ideas, but unfourtunately, no way to use them currently.
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@Is: You must not have read all the way as I specifically said the machine that would turn Flare into a Leafeon would also turn him into a female. Anyway, if you like this comment, I've made many more on previous comics, so I suggest you look at those as well.
Time For Another One
Daisy made Flame kill someone, but to know why, we have to look further into it. I imagine Daisy pressured Flame into killing someone, much like how Emperor Palpetine pressured Anakin Skywalker into killing in Star Wars. I recently received a Star Wars themed Jelly Bean dispenser that looks like the Death Star, which led me to believe it was created by Emperor Palpetine himself, so clearly, he is connected to the Jelly Belly company. The Jelly Belly Company was founded in 1898. The Spanish-American War occurred exclusively in 1898, leading me to believe it was caused by Emperor Palpetine. The war began because a ship known as the USS Maine was destroyed in Cuba, and was assumed to be destroyed by a Spanish ship, but obviously, it was destroyed by the Empire, so Palpetine must have something against boats, which probably means he get's seasick very easily, much like Natsu Dragneel from the popular anime, Fairy Tail, so I have concluded that Palpetine is Natsu from the future. Those who watched Fairy Tail will know that Natsu uses fire magic, much like how Flareons are fire type. I don't think I need to do any more research, as my conclusion should be clear to any good theorist. I have concluded that Daisy is an evil version of Flare from the future, who is trying to lead Flare down the path of evil, which would also explain why she is good friends with Flare, and why she was so upset when he trampled her flowers, as she wants him to like them too, to ensure that he grows to love flowers so much, he developed a machine to turn him into a leafeon, accidentally turning him into a female in the process. It would also alter his mental state, turning him to the dark side, and forcing him to kill would just push him farther. We all thought the people who experimented on the eevees were the main villains, but who knows? I wouldn't be surprised if they worked for Daisy.
@!: Again, people paint chicken eggs for Easter, so it wouldn't matter what type of chicken it is.
@Guest: Are you saying that because I'm a duck I'm unintelligent?
I ship Speedy with so many characters it's getting kind of worrying.
@!: You clearly know nothing about chickens. As I am a chicken expert, I am one of the few who know the secret that chickens can, in fact, fly, and only pretend they can't to fool us into believing they are not. Chickens are actually very powerful and intelligent. They're just very good actors, and will keep to their roles even in the face of death. Though Robin eggs are often blue, they are rarely other colors, and, chicken eggs can be any color, as people commonly paint chicken eggs around Easter, so my theory still holds up.
@ultrawandit: This your first time seeing one of these? Don't worry. I've made many in the past and I'm not stopping anytime soon.
This comic was late. The youtube channel known as L8Games often plays pixelmon. Tina's minecraft server will presumably be a pixelmon server. Minecraft is made of cubes. The tesseract is a cube. There is an infinity stone in the tesseract. The infinity stone is blue, and holds immense power. The eliacube from Wakfu is also a blue cube with immense power. Clearly the two are related. The eliacube is often associated with Dofus, which are eggs, so the tesseract must be a blue egg. Some chickens lay blue eggs, which means a chicken must have layed the tesseract. This also means the same chicken must have layed the other infinity stones. I've decided to call this chicken the Infinity Chinken, for obvious reasons. Thanos is collecting the infinity stones, and farmers colect eggs from chickens, so Thanos must be a farmer. Farmers also grow vegetables, which are often green, just like Gamora, so her species must be made of vegetables. Vegetables are also a lot like trees, so Gamora must be related to Groot. In Avengers: Infinity War, Thor's new hammer, known as Stormbreaker, is partly made of a stick from groot. In the comics, Stormbreaker is owned by a character called Beta Ray Bill, who resembles a horse. Since he's a lightning horse, I have concluded that he is related to Zebstrika, who is also a lightning horse. Since Zebstrika is distantly related to the Infinity Chicken, who is seemingly a deity, he must truly be Arceus in disguise. After carefully studying this information, I have concluded that Arceus must have requested for this comic to be delayed. Now all we have to do is figure out why.
@!: I'm pretty sure there's supposed to be a guest comic today, so they're probably just a bit off schedule.
@Siks: I sure hope she is. I've been making these theories for a few weeks, so I'll be very surprised if she hasn't seen at least one.
@Nyanysaur: I'm afraid to tell you that the Illuminati isn't funny anymore, and therefore doesn't exist, but Pokapark is my favorite game of all time, so I approve of this theory.
@Nyanysaur: This can only mean one thing. We have to find bidoof, and force it to tell us where the deer is hiding.
@Enderstar: I didn't even know you were theorizing, so I'm pretty sure I always had the upper hand. I also have a 40 year old Russian voice in my head named Leopold Schick who always tells me to learn how to play the piano, so I'd say I'm pretty good at thinking outside the box.
Because of her exams, Tina is dead. 100% of deaths are caused by dying. If you dye something, it becomes a different color. Death is usually symbolized by a skull. (SPOILER FOR AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR) Marvel's Red Skull has a red skull, even though skulls are not normally that color, so he must have dyed it. In Avengers: Infinity War, Red Skull leads Thanos to the Soul Stone. Thanos kills Gamora to get the soul stone. Gamora is green. Green is commonly associated with luck. Gamora was not lucky, because she died. That makes a paradox. A paragoomba is a goomba that can fly, and a parakoopa is a koopa that can fly, so clearly para means flight, so paradox means flying docks. Docks are usually made of wood. Wood can usually only fly if you throw it. You can throw your friends in Kirby Star Allies. You get this ability from a character named Bugzzy. Bugzzy is based on a stag beetle. A stag is a male deer. With this information, I have concluded that Tina is being forced to take exams by a deer. Why it's doing it, I havn't figured out yet, but to be able to save SSEC, we have to spoil Avengers: Infinity War for it, by telling it how Han Solo dies, so it will have to watch the movie to find out if we were telling the truth, because Han Solo was it's favorite character. Meanwhile, Tina will be able to escape, and will reward us by telling us what Oliver's sexuality is. Fifty bucks says he's omnisexual.
When you start the auditions, I think you should describe what you imagine each character would sound like to give us a better idea of who we should audition for, and how we should speak. Now if you excuse me, I have to make my theory for this comic.
@Nyanysaur: Thank you for this information. I will surely keep this in mind while theorizing in the future.
It's nice to know there are some intelligent human beings on the internet.
@Guest: Every time I see a comment saying first I lose some of my hope in humanity. Right now it's at -127.
@OmniShadow: Actually, I play TF2 very often, and I see nothing dark about mocking the corpses of your enemies.
The others are hiding something. I hide my massive collection of potatoes I stole from Ireland causing the Great Potato Famine. Potatoes are a plant. Plants eat sunlight. Sunlight comes from the sun. The sun will destroy Earth sometime in the future. Considering this, I have concluded that the others are hiding the fact that they are plotting to destroy Earth using the sun.