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I can't draw to save my life. I can write well, but there's not much I can do with that here unless someone who can draw decides to help. Until then, I'll just be your friendly neighborhood asexual commenter.

Also, I'm asexual and I have over 500 OCs,
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It sounds like Sasha's telling Arceus to chill, and I agree. They've been using the Flame Plate way too often lately.
@Sakarime: It's been attempted before, I doubt it'll work.
I assume that when you say there are going to be interesting details, it's going to hint towards Sahsa and Nikka's secret forbidden love. It may not seem like it now, but my shipping sense is never wrong...

except for when it is
@Zosonils: Yup. It was supposed to come out next year.
With how much Sasha seems to be panicking, it's almost like she found out Shrek 5 was canceled.
I'll take a few pitchforks. It's been a while since my last witch hunt, and the ones I have are pretty old models.
Wow, Sasha looks like she's been awake for about a sixteenth of the amount of time I've been awake. That's pretty impressive.
@IryrasmoD: Jim is short for a lot of things.
I like the poem you made, so here's one of my own.

Roses are red.
James is long for Jim.
Zelda is a boy.
And you play as him.
I ship these two a lot, but I already know I'm going to ship them with every other character that's introduced, so that's not really saying much.
When I saw this, I was really confused at first, seeing as how the first comic looked completely different.
I'm suddenly realizing how awkward it must be for people who legally changed their name to reintroduce themselves to those they already knew.
I don't get why Stelly is so confused. People drop from the sky all the time. I did it just yesterday.
That giant tree must be the final boss.
@Sakarime: That's exactly what the trees want you to think.
I bet the reason the forest matters is because of the trees. You can never trust trees. Their everywhere, they never say anything, and they make oxygen, which is deadly.
Wait does that mean Stelly is an orphan? If so, Toby can adopt her once he starts a relationship with one of the many characters I ship him with.
I just remembered Espurrs cause a huge explosion of psychic energy if their ears open, and now I want that to happen at some point.
Wow, that's pretty intense.