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Damn, those tears are shiny. Shiny tears taste way better than the normal ones.
Woah, I love how you drew her ears in the first panel.
Woah, I love the way you drew him this time.
Either someone inside of that crystal, or it's showing her a vision. Either way, I'm blaming magic.
I don't know how she got the Levitate ability, but she sure is putting it to good use.
I really like how the background looks here. I think it works really well.
Now this... This is beautiful.
@Sakarime: I probably did, but my memory is terrible.
@Sakarime: Oh, okay. I'll be sure to try to avoid using jokes too many times from now on.
Oh yeah, its the concept art for Bidoof's mega evolution.
I love the way Pixel's eyes look.
He does look great in those.
The moon kind of looks like PAC-man, and now I can't see it as anything else.
That meme has been dead for years, and quite frankly, I am offended.
I sure hope Duck Shuckle hasn't disappeared. He's one of my favorite gods.
Ah, yes. They're going to have to locate the seven chaos dragon shards to summon super sonic and recieve two wishes.
I sure hope Bidoofington wasn't killed. He's my favorite demigod.
I'm assuming that "reports of any actual god reports" isn't what they were meant to say.
Nice! I love shipping fuel!