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Agnis is either going to enjoy this or not enjoy it at all, and both would be entertaining.
None of us mind. If you need to take some time to work, you should. We'll all be here when you get back.
Seems like she's ready to become a Braixen someday.
Can't see Agnis being happy about that.
His eyes just ripped my heart out and I am 100% okay with it.
Damn Kishi, those are some fancy shoes. Where'd you find those?
@TerrytheTeryx: I guess he's gonna have to run fast then.
I sure hope that fenniken doesn't burn any berries. Then a riolu would have to give them his.
I love the design of that Quilava.
Woah, looks like things are getting intense.
Pretty sure it should be "Where you WERE found," not "Where you where found."
Damn, that last panel is frikkin beautiful.
I have decided to adopt Scull. He is my son now, and no one can take him away from me.
@HarmonyTRE: My boye Milo probably doesn't have one, considering the fact that he can't really see them all that well.
So far this has been pretty realistic, but I have now concluded that this is, in fact, definitely fictional.
Get this man some bees.
My boye Milo lookin’ fresh.
@Blaze01: It is a reference to something.
@BearFangs: 21st night of September?
My son is being disrespected and I do not approve of it.