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I can't draw to save my life. I can write well, but there's not much I can do with that here unless someone who can draw decides to help. Until then, I'll just be your friendly neighborhood asexual commenter.

Also, I'm asexual and I have over 500 OCs,
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Why are there so many cat-like pokemon? We need to spice things up with some ducks.
@Sakarime: So my favorite character has a stutter? That's adorable! Now dead furret is even more my favorite character.
School's starting for me tomorrow, so I only have a few hours left to enjoy my life.
@Sakarime: Of course. Did ya' think I was talking about the swoobat?
And, with this comic, Toby has been replaced as the edgiest character.
@Sakarime: You can't make a counter of something if it's infinite.
@Sakarime: I never said I got rid of any ships. I can have as many ships as I want.
Lulu did something that positively affects Toby, so now I'm obligated to ship them.
Those heckin normies like the main character most.
@Sakarime: Does that mean I can finally see a bloodthirsty, overpowered bidoof? Because that's what I've needed for my entire life.
Now my inner theorist is saying that their gods are the Ferllocs, because, as everyone knows, Mightyena is a legendary pokemon.
I bet the mysterious pokemon is Lulu, because plot twists really garlic my bread.