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I'm not a good artist, nor do I claim to be. I'm just here to see what the people who actually can draw made.
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Anime in a nutshell.
@Kratos: I am aware
I already ship them. I don't even know what gender they are.
Thanks for clarifying.
What did she trip on?
The last panel: You're Glaceon has evolved into an anime character!
I was so worried this would be the end.
Has Blizz always been this crazy or is it just today?
@T.E.C.H.: I'm not even going to question that.
@T.E.C.H.: What do you mean by that?
Wow. This is almost as dark as my fan fiction.
I'm pretty sure Miku means some sort of perfect person, who everyone wishes they could be.
@JurassicJad: Rest in peace, table. There were many like it, but it was one of a kind, even though there are probably millions exactly like it.
I'm afraid you will not be feasting on my tears, as my heart has an impenetrable shell that hides emotion. I was definitely crying on the inside, though. Great work!
The Umbreon's face in the last panel is hilarious!
@Franchska The Fennekin: It says probably female.
I already ship her with Dusk.
What other webcomics on smackjeeves would you recommend? I have a lot of free time.
I'm exited to see Duck's reaction to the sylveon.