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Sometimes life is like an oatmeal raisin cookie. You bite into it thinking it's chocolate chip, but then you realize that it's not, and you hate it for that, but if you already know it's oatmeal raisin, it really isn't that bad.
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My heart melted after seeing Kishi in the first panel, and I doubt anyone would be able to red this without the same happening to them.
Does Kishi know that Sasha's a grachomp, or is what she's saying just a coincidence.
Man, Sasha looks great! Your drawing has definitely improved since the beginning of the comic we don't speak about anymore.
February 15th, 2019
Even though this comic has basically just started, I can already see lots of potential here.
She looks way too scared to have just been sleeping. She must have been having nightmares about Fire Emblem characters like I always do.
He is the most precious creature I have ever laid my eyes upon and I want to protect him with my life.
Who's Espurr Kishi? I've never heard of that before.
I imagine this was Espurr Kishi's reaction to meeting better Kishi for the first time.
She woke up just to go back to sleep immediately after? She really is a human!
Something about that girl disturbs me...
It's impressive that she can go this long without breathing.
I think Kishi's biggest problem in this situation is that she can't seem to tell the difference between the words breathe and breath.
Oh no, she can't breath! How will she ever be able to survive without the ability to breath?! (I believe you meant to say breathe)
I don't get why no one understands the last panel. It's pretty obvious that this is an Undertale AU, and the screen became black and white because Kishi's fight started.
I sure hope there aren't any magical barriers where she's going. Someone might try to take her human soul to try to go through it.
Blizz is the kid who would get really intense when plying tag.
I like how expressive Crystal is now. It really adds to how she seems as a character.
@(`°3°`): Fortnite is literal garbage.
At this point I'm pretty sure Espurr Kishi is some sort of evil cosmic being with no physical presence who is trying to halt the continuation of this comic at any cost as revenge for her deletion from existence. Also, I'm going to assume that whoever the main villain turns out to be is just being possessed by Espurr Kishi.