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Oh yes
*nosebleed intensifies*
Guys it's updating on TAPASTIC, go there instead
@Empressskyfire: I'm kidding I love you and I love this comic
Keep it up!! ❤️💛💚💙💜
The Wait Kills
I purposely ignored your comic for like, two months and I come back and they haven't even got to the sex yet U is doing me a disappoint.
The next couple pages don't work...?
Hope you get better.... Miss the comic <3
What's he doing
Is he dragging that blue orb around like a touchscreen?? Why's he touchin it
Delivery day?
It's probably that one armed guy that was sent to collect "his body or whatever's left of it"
Oh no
He's HOT!
@blablab3039: aww, don't stress
I love your comic! It's so cute!
Hugs from fans~ <3
@yasha.queen: yessss! ??
@Neo-Ripper: have more pages...? Can I pull the birthday card on you? It was the 26th... :3 I'm super picky about my reads, and I love magic and adventures so this was a treasure to find. This is going to be super fun, so work hard on it ^–^ ♥
@yasha.queen: Omg I see you everywhere on all my favorite comics and it's like: yas! Someone else who loves this as much as I do!!!
*irritated screeching noises*
This is awesome and i love it so far
Im such an inpatient person xD
*irritated screeching noises*
This is sooo awesome and I'm such an impatient person xD
I will love you forever if you update...
? I'm going into cuteness withdrawal xD
It's my birthday today! ♪
Pretty please ^w^ need an updateeeeeee I am going to go into adorableness withdrawal