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And of course, once he found the right color he made it permanent with *mumble* nano-*mumble*!
My technobabble may need some work…
@alt-text: I'm suddenly very tempted to try to start a trend of saying "Akatsuki confirmed!" for any picture with a cloud in it… Especially since there is a real group calling themselves Akatsuki and dressing like them going around doing good deeds in Indonesia. The world is a strange place.
This makes me really curious to know the most unexpected way someone bugged you about getting comics done.
I wouldn't want to leave Trigger unsupervised at all, unrelated to any money he might have. His sabotage habit is much more concerning than most things he'd buy, though any sort of pet or robot that interested him might come close. Now that I think about it, we've seen lots of modified humans, but not very many modified pets, there's gotta be people with birds modified into dinosaur-like states for one.
@alt text: Don't worry, no one would ever put enough money on a simple Cash Card© for that too be an issue! It only shows the balance after all, and who would carry the equivalent of hundreds of dollars (quite likely more) in the space equivalent of a wallet?

P.S. …I've carried hundreds in my wallet for weeks on end because I was to lazy to visit an ATM as soon as my roommates paid me back for being the one to deposit our rent checks. Quite a few times, actually…
I didn't notice when I first read this, but the fact that Steve noticed this discrepancy means he's actually good at the bureaucratic parts of his job too. O_o
I quite like characters that know more than they should, especially when they're adorable! Actually, we've never gotten an explanation of exactly how Tax knows things, theory time! I always like fourth wall breaking, so what if Tax had the ability to read your notes. For lots of authors that would either be useless, or indistinguishable from being able to see the future. But in your case it swings wildly between the two, leaving Tax hopelessly confused at times! …well, if she cared.

P.S. Written any Conventional Wisdom comics yet?
Interestingly, when I don't go out all that often I end up more paranoid about not having everything I need. This can still lead to forgetting things, because I try to avoid the anxiety by packing all at once a bit before I leave when I have a flexible leaving window.

P.S. For some reason my phone really wanted me to say shirt instead of anxiety. It even snuck it in when I thought I had backspaced it.
I definitely think the changes to the comic layout, visuals, and script were all improvements. I actually didn't think the original looked bad, just a bit faded. It kinda reminded me of old illuminated manuscripts or something.
Yeah, CaptainxShip just got quite a bit more disturbing…

@alt text: ultraviolet is even more disinfecting! As are x-rays, to the point of killing the user… It'd work for Avatar at least.
I think that box he's taking that suit out of is supposed to look like it has more clothes in it. To me, it looks like it has a special prismatic dye that keeps the suit's colors fresh and bright, which is even cooler! Along with more unnecessarily wasteful of space which fits with the character.
@Incentive: I'm very much looking forward to seeing more of Dr. Jarre and her adorable butler robots! (My phone thought I meant Robbie's instead of robots, which makes me imagine a horde of copies of Gravity Falls Robbie dressed as butlers.)

Stuttering makes sense, and it's funny that what looks like an extra word is actually punctuation lost in transition. As to the obligatory reference, I had to Google it. MST3K just isn't my style. Laughing at terrible movies is something I do occasionally (Troll 2 for one) but generally I'd rather watch a good movie.
I would have laughed a lot of one of those insert funny line here comments accidently made it into the comic. Actually, that could be a funny background thing at some point which would also be a callback! Maybe a custom t-shirt vending machine? Heck that might even exist now (probably in Japan).

Also, the very first bubble has the word 'that' twice in a row. I notice those ever since seeing this:
The voting incentive appears to be missing, it just says "thank you for voting". This page also has no title.

Also, I'm now trying to come up with elaborate sci-fi closets that would look near identical to a room on a ship with the beds removed. Holographic would work, but that's hardly ridiculous enough. How about a closet that fills with nano-bot infused liquid that measures not just your exact current measurements, but also your state of mind to give you a perfect outfit for that exact moment. Any pieces you're missing will be automatically ordered.
Perfect for corpse handling? I'm hoping that's related to some sort of zombie ad campaign, and not an indication of the kids' expectations…
I started reading this, and was enjoying it, then reached the one that mentions these have alt text. Of course I had to come back here to check it out and tell anyone else who sees this. And if you happen to be on a phone or tablet like me, you can make a bookmark then replace the url with this:

javascript:for(var imCt=0;document.images%5BimCt%5D;imCt++)%7B void(document.images%5BimCt%5D.onclick=function ()%20%7Bif(this.title)%7Bif ((window.brbanta=prompt('Image title text:%5Cn(Click OK to insert this text before the image)',this.title))&& this.parentNode)%7Bthis.parentNode.insertBefore(document.createTextNode('%20'+brban ta+' '),this);%7D%7Delse if(this.alt)%7Bif((window.brbanta=prompt('Image alt text:%5Cn(Click%20OK%20to insert%20this%20text before%20the%20image)',this.alt)) &&this.parentNode)%7B this.parentNode.insertBefore (document.createTextNode(' '+brbanta+' '),this);%7D%7D%20else %7Balert('There%20is%20no title%20or%20alt%20text for%20this%20image');%7Dreturn false;%7D);%7D
Very true. What I meant is still true though, I've never worried about your fragile sanity before. Creative insanity is different from overworked breakdown insanity after all. Or I'm just a horrible person and don't care about your sanity unless it screws up your comic production…
The surrealness I expected from the last set of ConCONcon comics, the worries about your fragile sanity are new though…
@wolfmaddness: Or he'll destroy the dam by burning it. Either would make for some interesting imagery.
I'm having trouble focusing on anything besides wondering what the heck sort of TV Vengeance likes… And feeling glad I didn't end up looking at that incentive late at night…