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Good luck!
It was interesting to show up here in the middle of an update. Reading several pages before you added the author's notes certainly felt odd. Now I must be off to repeatedly refresh Far Out There until the update shows up!
It's aaalive!!
I check every few weeks if this has updated... and somehow manage to arrive around ten minutes of the comics going online. Awesome crazy luck for the win!
Most people would arise, Vengence can arrise! :)

P.S. Not only does the word arise now sound meaningless to me, the fact that my phone didn't try to auto-correct arrise sent me on a Wiktionary adventure! None of the definitions seemed correct, though most of them were singular and male forms of verbs in various languages so who knows?
@Darius: Have you played Closure too? Your first voting incentive theory sounds similar:
This page also establishes that Ichabod's face melts when he's particularly unhappy, which is vitally important information for an upcoming arc... that will start three years from now :)
@ Darius: And then the Captain got ahold of lots of all the leftover Bunny Sushi for real cheap! :)
Probably would have been easier to have Layla flip on the lights, plus that would let us see Ichabod recoiling in fear! Also, it looks like Layla refers to herself as "It" in the first panel.

@Voting Incentive: I rather hope it does become de-canonized, because if it does stay sorta-canon like the rest of the voting incentives our chances of seeing the adorable child version of Stilez in the actual comic will probably be reduced. And they weren't really very good to begin with either...
I just finished rereading this entire comic and adding a few links to comic pages you referenced, but didn't have time to find. Including the challenge on page 12 of this update:
An earlier comic did have blood:

I feel like there was one even earlier than that, but I couldn't find it.
Found it!

Also, the Gendo pose comic:
http://conventionalwisdom.smackjeeves.com/comics/2345808/anime-weekend-atlanta-pa ge-13/

And, as a bonus here's where Linkara did the Gendo pose after triggering fire alarms, but before eating anyone:

P.S. Noticed something interesting while on my archive binge.
Most of the kids first showed up here:

But the one in the Kyuubi cap actually showed up before:
Yoink says...
You ripped off Animazement 2014 this time:
http://conventionalwisdom.smackjeeves.com/comics/1954667/animazement-2014-may-23r d-25th/

Though the text is easier to read this time!
Yoink says...
You ripped off this pre-Animazement filler:

Even better, that one was also about Otakon being a huge looming event!
Here it is!
And it only took three years for someone to find the reference!
Fun fact: The number of months between this comic and the one it reference is less than the number of YEARS it took to correlate them.
Maybe they'll decide they like the look and cosplay Spirited Away next year?
...Is anyone else worried that Trigger appears to be drinking from a flask? I've heard rumors of non-alcoholic beverages in flasks, but have never confirmed them with my own nose...
I'd say you succeeded on the anti-creepy front. I also like how Tabitha starts out totally captivated, then fades to casual listening. I went and checked out the title page, and I think it looks really good. I was expecting less from 'thrown together at the last minute,' but I guess you have lots of practice at that particular skill :P.
Seros you're a sneaky fellow!
For the hugs!
I can't post just a title. :(
Merry Christmas!
It's still Christmas in Olympia... Anyway, I could have commented earlier, but then I couldn't have given you your present. I'm now supporting you on Patreon!

The reason I couldn't do it earlier is that I decided to make my Patreon account secure, so I used a ridiculous password and let my computer remember it for me. Then I forgot to bring my computer while visiting my family yesterday and staying over. I just got back now.

Also, to buck the trend, I'll actually say something about the comic! I really like seeing Santa Vengeance for some reason. I also love how Alphonse loves his plain cube, and Bridget's giving him a 'Really?' look.

P.S. 11:39 isn't really late, but I'm still in a late night babble. Exclamation points!!!
At least every major character isn't an orphan. In fact, I can't think of any characters who are definitively orphans, unless Princess Rheiko counts. Also, did you say Ichabod's girlfriends? I'm going to assume you're including past girlfriend(s) in the count... Or it was a typo, whichever.