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Ichabod is pretty insufferable when he's right, isn't he?
Dang, I'm getting slower. Eight hours after you posted... In my defense, Layton's Mystery Journey did come out today.
I'm not usually afraid of clowns, but...
I am rather wary of cosmic space clowns made from (collapsed?) stars!
The voting incentive shows up fine for me. And Stilez looks totally rocking!

As to the comic... I really hope Electrabears are electric somehow and not at all connected to the myth and/or complex of Electra.
Happy fourth! Interestingly, my family decided to have our celebration lady night als (it was awesome) for no real reason, then a couple of good reasons emerged. Also, I read another smackjeeves comic called Life & Death, and it updated around half a day before you with a pun on the word "literaly". Today is a day of coincidence!
I think they're all drunk, including the sword!
Now that you've started spelling it Fludd, I keep imagining him riding on Mario's back... Its a strange image indeed.
Makes me wonder if Bobby's going to get lost on Mars at some point, so everyone else had to search for him.
I'm starting to wonder about myself.
I don't follow anything on social media, yet somehow I always happen to log into smackjeeves right when this comic updates. Perhaps my subconscious has learned your update "schedule"?
Will Blitz ever tire of referencing ridiculous things he doesn't have to draw?
I doubt it, and more power to him! I find them amusing too.

@Incentive: Blitz is getting quite good at those Tron-like lighting effects. Makes me wonder when the crew's going to be sucked into a mad scientist's computer.
I wish you more good luck!
Also, I found myself trying to make a Super Mario Bros. reference, but I thought of it to late to really make it work. I.e. commenting "The end of this update is in another castle." after each of the previous chunks. Oh well.
Is that Layla in between your elbow and Chewbacca in the first panel? I think she's worn a dress like that before...

Also, now I really want a Nerf bowcaster. I don't know if they exist, or if they'd even work very well, but so much nerdy cool!
Have you used "Warning: Contains Science!" before? It seems like it would fit in, and I feel like I'm stealing it from somewhere...

@Incentive: Little Layla is always adorable. That is all.
Good luck!
It was interesting to show up here in the middle of an update. Reading several pages before you added the author's notes certainly felt odd. Now I must be off to repeatedly refresh Far Out There until the update shows up!
It's aaalive!!
I check every few weeks if this has updated... and somehow manage to arrive around ten minutes of the comics going online. Awesome crazy luck for the win!
Most people would arise, Vengence can arrise! :)

P.S. Not only does the word arise now sound meaningless to me, the fact that my phone didn't try to auto-correct arrise sent me on a Wiktionary adventure! None of the definitions seemed correct, though most of them were singular and male forms of verbs in various languages so who knows?
@Darius: Have you played Closure too? Your first voting incentive theory sounds similar:
This page also establishes that Ichabod's face melts when he's particularly unhappy, which is vitally important information for an upcoming arc... that will start three years from now :)
@ Darius: And then the Captain got ahold of lots of all the leftover Bunny Sushi for real cheap! :)
Probably would have been easier to have Layla flip on the lights, plus that would let us see Ichabod recoiling in fear! Also, it looks like Layla refers to herself as "It" in the first panel.

@Voting Incentive: I rather hope it does become de-canonized, because if it does stay sorta-canon like the rest of the voting incentives our chances of seeing the adorable child version of Stilez in the actual comic will probably be reduced. And they weren't really very good to begin with either...