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Everybody's breaking glass,
and trying to skip class!
No one wants to confess,
who's gotta clean up the mess?
It's Principal Baaaaaaby!!

I think that fits the beat and rhyme pattern at least, which are usually the most memorable. No idea if it actually fits the show though.
That ship Mariska's taking sounds an awful lot like Tabitha's ship. Will there be another mysterious space thingy appearing on the sensors in the near future? Only time will tell.
Sounds like a perfect thing to have in the background of pages with Stilez without further explanation! Perhaps she could smack one like a mosquito?
My goodness!
You're nearly in the top 50 on TWC! Other people's laziness is really working out for you! Also, I am now trying to imagine your ceiling fan...

Edit: 45th on TWC, with a little help from me finally signing up there.

Edit edit: I saw Far Out There reach 36th... Briefly.
Here's the page this incentive goes with:
Feed the need!
Would in the last sentence of the author's comment should be wouldn't.
In case someone desperately needs to see more of that box, it's in the incentive gallery now:
Found it!
Adorable mini-Tabitha chucked some info her Dad's experiment to mess it up:
Perhaps they sound like Darth Vader?

P.S. "I don't they're mute" is missing a "think" I think.
Feed the need!
In your comment, "it's limbs" should be "its limbs".
Feed the need!
Your comment says "it dink of" instead of it kind of.
I feel the need!
To note every typo I see... "needs lot look a lot better" in this case.
Ooh, a fith chapter? I read the fifth chapter, but maybe I missed the fith one...
The coefficient of friction is releasing a new space rock album? I must have it!

P.S. For the confused, mu (μ) is a Greek letter used in physics equations with the meaning coefficient of friction. It has other meanings too.

P.P.S. For the confused from the future, Blitz made a typo, replacing my with mu in the hover text.
Good luck!
At least you're getting your panic in now, so you'll be able to focus on preparations instead of panic after you procrastinate for another week :)
That's my style anyway.
Ichabod is pretty insufferable when he's right, isn't he?
Dang, I'm getting slower. Eight hours after you posted... In my defense, Layton's Mystery Journey did come out today.
I'm not usually afraid of clowns, but...
I am rather wary of cosmic space clowns made from (collapsed?) stars!
The voting incentive shows up fine for me. And Stilez looks totally rocking!

As to the comic... I really hope Electrabears are electric somehow and not at all connected to the myth and/or complex of Electra.
Happy fourth! Interestingly, my family decided to have our celebration lady night als (it was awesome) for no real reason, then a couple of good reasons emerged. Also, I read another smackjeeves comic called Life & Death, and it updated around half a day before you with a pun on the word "literaly". Today is a day of coincidence!