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That is the fanciest way to drink grape juice I've ever seen! …I'm kinda jealous. Mostly of him having adorable penguin helpers though.
Does anyone else think it looks like those guards are decorating a Christmas tree by dressing it up as Santa?
Hehe, I think you meant unicorn dreams, judging by the picture. Uniform dreams sound like they'd get boring much faster.
I had a dream last night where I found a counterfeit $100 bill in my wallet… with Pokémon on it. Then today I saw a store refusing to accept hundreds because of counterfeits. Together we shall blur the line between Dream and Reality even further, mwahahaha.
This reminds me of Ghost Stories. It was an anime that didn't do well in Japan for various reasons, so they basically gave the dub team free reign to make up whatever they wanted with only a few requirements. The results are wonderful!
You managed to make me imagine shady backroom deals involving improvised bathing facilities. Success?
Hmm… if you had shag carpets in your van, could you Velcro things to the walls and ceiling with those male side stickers?
You really need to start planning for the unspeakable horrors you inevitably summon. Maybe that'll get them to stop showing up! I mean, you'll still have all those mundane problems, but at least you won't need to fear being devoured!
Awww… you spoiled the ending :(.
Dang, I want to watch "My Imaginary Friend is my Homeroom Teacher?". Googling it is pretty hilarious already. One result was a news article about a child with an imaginary friend named "Wildo the Dildo!"
You insane, crazy madman!
Happy Thanksgiving!
I think it might be that experiment of Tabitha's. Whatever it is, it managed to reach part the fourth wall to make my phone speaker crackle. It also probably ate the alt text for this page, I really hope Tax can deal with it before its reach extends further!
And of course, once he found the right color he made it permanent with *mumble* nano-*mumble*!
My technobabble may need some work…
@alt-text: I'm suddenly very tempted to try to start a trend of saying "Akatsuki confirmed!" for any picture with a cloud in it… Especially since there is a real group calling themselves Akatsuki and dressing like them going around doing good deeds in Indonesia. The world is a strange place.
This makes me really curious to know the most unexpected way someone bugged you about getting comics done.
I wouldn't want to leave Trigger unsupervised at all, unrelated to any money he might have. His sabotage habit is much more concerning than most things he'd buy, though any sort of pet or robot that interested him might come close. Now that I think about it, we've seen lots of modified humans, but not very many modified pets, there's gotta be people with birds modified into dinosaur-like states for one.
@alt text: Don't worry, no one would ever put enough money on a simple Cash Card© for that too be an issue! It only shows the balance after all, and who would carry the equivalent of hundreds of dollars (quite likely more) in the space equivalent of a wallet?

P.S. …I've carried hundreds in my wallet for weeks on end because I was to lazy to visit an ATM as soon as my roommates paid me back for being the one to deposit our rent checks. Quite a few times, actually…
I didn't notice when I first read this, but the fact that Steve noticed this discrepancy means he's actually good at the bureaucratic parts of his job too. O_o
I quite like characters that know more than they should, especially when they're adorable! Actually, we've never gotten an explanation of exactly how Tax knows things, theory time! I always like fourth wall breaking, so what if Tax had the ability to read your notes. For lots of authors that would either be useless, or indistinguishable from being able to see the future. But in your case it swings wildly between the two, leaving Tax hopelessly confused at times! …well, if she cared.

P.S. Written any Conventional Wisdom comics yet?