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@incentive: Alphonse cosplaying Ram Quatzi is not something I ever would have expected… Cool!
Just a bit ago I went to type itself and my finger wandered a little and I ended up typing Ichabod! I figured I should share that here. Also, does the voting incentive make anyone else think of They Might Be Giants? "C is for conifers, my kind of trees!"

I'm using sliding finger typing on an Android phone BTW.
I love the Calvin and Hobbes reference in the title! It also makes me think there has to be at least one cardboard box as part of Tabitha's creation…
And once KonoSuba is (eventually) done, it'll be my request of One Week Friends!
Even limited to mirrors, there's still the interesting case of SLR (and DSLR) cameras. They have a mirror that redirects the view from the lens up to the viewfinder that flips out of the way when you take a picture. Thus you couldn't see vampires through the viewfinder, but they would show up in the actual photo. Spooky!

Also, if cameras couldn't 'see' vampires, would that also affect people with glasses?
@alt text: Don't forget how often you're menaced by giant representations of upcoming conventions!
I'm no Mad Emoticon Scientist!
My phone is just possessed by one, that's all. 😛

By that, I mean the emoticons on my phone just work, somehow. 😕😵👻👽
In that first panel, Tabitha looks surprisingly like Ichabod, what with the long coat, big goggles, and the way her hair is poofed kinda like his hat.

@alt text: Where are you, my friend? 😞

@incentive: This new series looks interesting. The random background pop culture has always been well done in this comic.

P.S. Note for the future! This comment was written before the final version of the comic.
That's kind of what I meant. I just figured he'd combine it with some crazy alchemy thing while it was running, after managing to disable any safeties of course. I don't know what that might do combined with whatever else he might hook up would do, but even just streams of particles going near lightspeed escaping their (possibly sci-fi non-magnetic) containment would cause plenty of havoc!
Violently slamming things into other things
Sounds like a particle accelerator. I'm now worried about Tabitha's family having a particle accelerator. After all, if her father has access, there's a good chance it will create black holes like some people thought the LHC would.
October 2nd, 2017
Isn't he supposed to be off bothering Samus?
Don't worry Yacchan, you're not a side character! You're the antagonist!
At least it's not a giant monster Otakon this time. That may not help, but it is a good excuse to let me point out where you're ripping yourself off from!

Which was already a rip-off of:
I'm losing my touch...
It took me a whole day to notice you updated!

@title text: St. Peter will get to you in time, just be patient.

...That might sound like it means more than I meant it to mean. Cool!
Everybody's breaking glass,
and trying to skip class!
No one wants to confess,
who's gotta clean up the mess?
It's Principal Baaaaaaby!!

I think that fits the beat and rhyme pattern at least, which are usually the most memorable. No idea if it actually fits the show though.
That ship Mariska's taking sounds an awful lot like Tabitha's ship. Will there be another mysterious space thingy appearing on the sensors in the near future? Only time will tell.
Sounds like a perfect thing to have in the background of pages with Stilez without further explanation! Perhaps she could smack one like a mosquito?
My goodness!
You're nearly in the top 50 on TWC! Other people's laziness is really working out for you! Also, I am now trying to imagine your ceiling fan...

Edit: 45th on TWC, with a little help from me finally signing up there.

Edit edit: I saw Far Out There reach 36th... Briefly.
Here's the page this incentive goes with:
Feed the need!
Would in the last sentence of the author's comment should be wouldn't.