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his fist must hurt after punching metal
wouldnt it be yes mam?
does she have a blog too?
proceeds to steal badge from her in next page
at least its not a sonic OC, i hope
oh, bird dude in the background
what if she is darcys ex?
they will all probably find a way to kill themselves
@dracone: thanks for that
ooh, seems like red is going to be important
1. i like mayo too. 2. i see the bra is staying with the comics
maybe its like Bill being transformed into a clefairy, but in reverse? and she is actually a pikachu?
@SeƱor: cuz fidget spinners are a dumb fad
last time i saw someone that triggered, they were yelling at someone with a fidget spinner
now its her turn to apologize. she did blow a bunch of stuff up
ah, you sly bastard!
well, the damned thing finally came didnt it?