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behold, super atty
Not sure if she should be relieved or offended
He may have one arm, but he still has a pair of balls, ready to kick, then leg it
I can see where this is going
hes going to cut of his arm. an eye for an eye. or an arm for an arm
shes gotta clean up when she gets back to camp. IF she gets back
is she going to teach them how to siphon sasquatch blood?
was that a wet fart?
my dick hurts
as a Floridian, we are known for 2 things. oranges and hurricanes. and maybe disney world.
she better keep finding more nickels
wonder if he'll get a chance to shoot him this time
raccoons will jump you. she is right to be afraid
@The Magnificent Z: bears are cuddly, like a teddy bear, but better
@The Magnificent Z: or, it would
@Dr. Captain Obvious: or, my rebuttal, she just needs a good bear
eeeeyy, poobis!
here in America, we call them cigarettes
im starting to think your trying to tell us something
this is nice. im glad they wont be draining sasquatches of their blood