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Oops I am not fond of either of these returnees tbh, but we'll see what they bring. Obvious brandi vs bowser coming I think
Unpopular opinions aha
IM SO HAPPY BONNIES RETURNING! At tge preview I thought I saw "priscilla" and I didnt know how to feel about it, but now I'm ecstatic! And bowser and bowser jr returning is amazing
@ChronoAlone: just noticed this now! Somehow my email notification got turned off. Hmmmm. Thanks Maizono is probably one of my favourite danganronpa characters
@TJBambi93: OMG PREACH! Bitsy is one of my ultimate favourite characters! I really don't understand all the Bitsy hate
This wait is really long ((longest if SFC history if I am correct)) I wonder what happened? Oh well, we all know SWSU-Master so it's going to be worth the wait at least c:
Okay just something I noticed, I love how the whole jury's smiling that taro won

Than there's Brandi, sitting there with no expression, disappointed in everything and being salty that she wasn't up there instead
@Guest: thank you so much! I sent in my application, but judging by past, it won't be seen till later, thank you so much for helping though ♡♡♡♡♡