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Worthy ones
The little statue is what gave Ms. De Lune wings without having to drink Red Bull.

The big statue was a decoy in case an unworthy person came across it. They would take the big statue, leaving the small statue for the worthy one to come later.

Since the wings were already won, the small statue won't do the double header any good -- they are in for a surprise.

I think I messed something up, so this may appear twice.
Asking for punishment
@Marshal Banana

It is rare to see someone actually ask for punnish punishment. However, if Claire gets the grant, would that be a Cat Grant. (Character in Superman/Supergirl comics and television shows.)
You do realize that there is an error in the hover text. "than eight heads are better than three" should have "that" rather than "than".

The left side looks like "ice breath", the right side looks like rather nasty "mucous breath", and I'm not sure about the center attack. Possibly lava breath. There was also "breathing fire" so it makes you wonder what the other three heads do.
I assume that this is a Total Recall reference However, contrary to the hover text, I suspect that she does have a brain. However, to quote Beast Boy of Teen Titans, she just doesn't "use it much".
If we are following the pattern of puns, does that mean that Wendy is becoming hot-headed or perhaps that she's building up a full head of steam.
Multiple Headaches
According to, Wendy was given the form of a Yamata No Oruchu rather than becoming one. Since I believe that Kitsune normally only have one head, perhaps the Kitsune was exposed to a similar curse. It looks like this battle is going to be quite a headache. Would having multiple heads affect the dose of analgesic required.
Looking for links in strange places
Well, that would explain why I couldn't find a Bridgette in the archive related to Wendy. Could somebody believing that this is Bridgette please post a link to Bridgette.
There can always be another
Looks like there may have been another family that suffered the same curse that the Yamato No Orochi inflicted on Wendy (see Heads or Tails). Of course there are other possibilities. We'll see if our enchanting enchanters have to protect Wendy against people seeking revenge.
See also
I just feel that when seeing something like this, a person should direct people to Heads or Tails ( ) for further information. (Would you believe that I found it using Google? If not, would you believe that that was a poor imitation of Don Adams?)
Team Names
Other names from Marvel Comics would include Defenders and Fantastic Four (varied between three, four, and five depending on the issue).