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I'm sorry but I just caught up a realized that the to in the about after "Same" is too.
@Pugcute: remakes may or may not cause the squish count to change
@Creamy Eevee: Oh... Well then
Am I literally the only one bothered in slightest by the fact that their outermost layer comes with built-in pockets, despite the total non-existence of any kangaroo or kangaroo-like pokemon? I mean, sure, they could just be hiding it in their fur, but, I can only think of two eeveelutions with enough fur to actually hide things in it and Vay is nither of them.
@BattleStarX: Are you aware that Twenty Times Kirby's Kirby has turned into a rainbow KDA baby Kirby?

@Redkirby: Kaaby can talk now. Either you didn't remember or your WAY behind on KDA.
@EveryoneElse: Poyo is actually from the Kirby cartoon series Kirby: Right Back At 'Ya! It is said by Kirby in almost every episode and some of the only words that he says are various names and the word "Hi!" He only says poyo that much and eats so much because he is (relatively speaking) a baby and it is one of the only words that he knows.

I could go on but I've decided that this text wall is big and explanatory enough but I will edit it if someone replies.
The last panel, pure yes. That is all.
Why are there two "post a comment" buttons and what is happening? I'm getting all confused because where are we now?
Should I be very, very afraid? A pair of my cousins are in that dimension and so is one if me.
Should I be very, very afraid? A pair of my cousins are in that dimension and so is one if me.
I can't tell is this is very, very bad or very, very good
*Raises paw* I can't draw them either
*Combo Breaker!* LOL
You said you're planning to start the quips up again after you finish the remakes, but it seems that remake you isn't doing his job. Why and will you be accepting new cameos when that project is done?
The image is gone from the author comment.