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I like Reality TV and Video Games, nuff said
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And the Past is in the Past, and the Future is on the Jury. Frysk is out of the game.

I had a plan with Frysk going in, I knew there was alot of story to be told with a ton of other castaways, so Frysk was someone who could stay in the background in the early Episodes as an UTR/MOR Presence. I had Kitsunie's Early Arc to give context for him and explain his initial attitudes and feelings without getting into the meat of his character, and only after Nolaa leaves did he come out as a character.

While Characterwise they are very different, I would compare Frysk to Aurora from Edge of Extinction. Someone who was meant to be a "Second Act" Type Character. Where we'd get to see his story actually begin and grow with the help of E.T. and Yessi. And as the stubborn character he was, his change wouldn't come quick and easy, which is why it was spread out. He'd have development one episode, then stick back the next before coming out again. His main story was one I thought of a while ago which was.... exploring how someone who views themselves as perfect, or at least very skilled, playing this game and having to come to grips with the realization that.... They still had alot of room to grow. That was Frysk's problem to realize and solve, which was part of the reason he stayed so long. Nobody saw him as any sort of a threat worth taking until he had that growth.

The Final thing I wanted to do, was take another stab at the Ever Popular Luke Role from SFC4, since while I was writing the season I did notice there were signs he was going to head in that direction. So I decided to capitalize on the mistakes I made before... Those being 1.) Have him actually make a move with emotions over blind loyalty, which he accomplished last Episode. 2.) Don't let him be the person who singlehandedly hands the game to the winner. Which was the reason I voted him off here. Narratively, he reached his peak in the Clarissa boot, and given there's only so many boots left, it made sense to have him leave after her since his story was done. Just as he started playing the game he should have from the beginning, but never did due to his stubbornness he still carried over from his days as Kitsunie. Some things never change. No matter how hard you try.

Overall I'm satisfied with Frysk's story. He had a slow start since the Future Tribe barely went to Tribal Council, and I needed time to flesh out characters that left early from his team like Ethan, Nolaa, and Ernest, since I knew I could save him here for later. I know some people aren't a fan of that, but if it was in character for Frysk to be Under the Radar, and it made sense in the story for him to be UTR until his story began, I stand by my decision to have him be a "Late Bloomer" as it were.

At the very least he's leaving the game a better person than he entered as.
Who will be going home? E.T, Frysk, Sagittaria, or Shin?
With Yessi safe.... only Four Target remain. Who's game will end on Day 37?
Just a bit of power and Sagittaria starts plotting.
Welcome to Survivor, Frysk.
And with a Final Decision, we lose one of our biggest stars of the season. Clarissa leaves the game as our 6th Place Goddess.

I'm just going to come out and say it. Clarissa was my favorite character of the season bar none, she was one of the first characters I came up with, and writing her dialogue was always so fresh and unique. She never really feel into any Tropes I've used before, and became her own entity that really shaped how the season came across and unfolded. Her Aggressive Nature and Take No Prisoners Attitude led for pretty much every scene she was in to be fun to write for, and every interaction she had whether it be an ally or an enemy was always fun. Coming up with her rants and insults were some of the highlights in the early season and having her develop through the story from someone who was on the outs due to their attitude into becoming a viable winner contender. It's the best way I could think for her story to go.

I know some would have loved to see her as the winner this season, and if I'm being honest I wouldn't have been against making her the winner.... However with her storyline with Claire and Later Yessi... It was more and more obvious that she needed to be defeated, her pupil had to surpass the master, and that's what happened today when Yessi and Clarissa fought during Tribal. They fought for the Loyalty of one of the most stubborn players, and Clarissa got outplayed... But she can't even be That upset with how things went down.

As sad as it is to lose Clarissa, sending her out here made sense. Giving her an entire boot episode to send her off seemed like the right thing to do. And for one of the biggest names of the season. She Deserved this honor. It won't be the same without her. But it was an amazing 36 day Journey.
Who will be going home? Clarissa, Yessi or someone else?
With Shin safe... Its anyone's guess for who goes home.
Still plenty of time to blow it Yessi...
Seems things are better between them at least, but thats about as good as E.T. can hope for.
Wonder if either of them will actually have the chance to take that shot?
Looks like Playing fair won E.T. and Frysk one Special Reward.... Now will they use it, or squander it?
Its not as sturdy as it was before.... but the alliance isn't dead.
5 more minutes and we may have had a Medical Emergency with Shin....
Seems like someone can get some enjoyments from fights.
This Duck flew too close to the fire, and got Burned. Ria heads home.

Ria's story I knew was always going to be a slower one to start off with, which I wasn't too concerned about since the Ducks lasted so long as a pair, and Sagittaria had her stories going on in the Past Tribe. Not only did it help establish her as someone who stayed out of the action, but also let the earlier flameouts of her tribe have the spotlight. Eventually when her story with Ernest and Sagittaria started after the swap I was able to have her take a supporting position in the alliances, having to deal with two Alpha Personalities while staying behind. As the season progressed she slowly became a more vocal supporter on Ernests side, and had the potential to save him if she was in the right state of mind at the time.

Part of the reason Ernest left when he did was because him leaving allowed Ria to take the lead in her own story, and in the final few episodes she rose from being the supporter, to the second in command, to the head of the alliance and making several risky moves she never would have made early in the game. Going to rocks, holding on an advantage while going to rocks, and trying to blindside the biggest player in the game. The move this time didn't work out for her this time, but not all big moves do, and even though she had a big loss... It wasn't enough to break her spirits like it did earlier in the game. She may not be someone who's fully recovered from what she's been through, but she's certainly gotten some of her strength back during her time here.

I'm very happy with how Ria's story played out, even if some people say it might have been a little too slow, or took too long to get started, I feel her development and arc was handled well. So I have no regrets, and I'm glad she was a part of this season.
Who will be going home? Clarissa, E.T, Frysk, Ria, Sagittaria, or Shin?
Two in a Row for Yessi. She's getting good at this.
Either Frysk had alot more drinks than we saw.... or he is an extreme lightweight.
It's no "Lulla Bye the Purple Bunny" But it's satisfactory....