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@qazox: So, you're expecting the Leaders to be the first team wiped out it seems?
@SkySurfer: Tony and Xero are both short anthro characters, might have more in common than just that....
@Sonofhades: Pretty accurate statement when it comes to Raiza tbh
@TJBambi93: Wonder if any of the Non Interesting people will change your opinions of them
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: Quickscope gets all the ladies, and he's quite active in the bedroom.
@dat4yc: Not a bad list, I can already spot a few I think will raise up in Episode 1
@Guest: And she's similar to someone else, considering she IS a stunt double
@EJ122: I mean it's probably easier to do four writeups at a time than 20 all at once lol
@RedBeryl: Sometimes being smug is great and helpful in the game... Can get you far
@vanilladream: I like keeping those lines of who is an early boot and who's an endgamer as blurry as possible
@Misterjakester : Raiza takes initiative, thats what makes her a leader!
@Blastoise_FTW: Parmesan might be a trainwreck too, he is on the Eccentrics after all
@ChronoAlone: Raiza isn't much like Tapioca in that she's acting. She's just a little wild
@Tailslover13: Wait, you're upset about that game, and you didn't tell me?

@Smasher 101: It seems like Mele has the best fortunes predictionwise for this group
@Harold: Mele is a sweet Cinnamon Bun Maybe
@Yo: Take it you're a fan?
@ChaoticCross: When Town of Salem had to be used in this season. Medium was THE best choice thh
And rounding off the cast we have Parmesan, Quickscope, Raiza, and Tony!
@qazox: Some Bot on Girl action eh?