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I like Reality TV and Video Games, nuff said
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Frysk, this does not end well for you.
Claire did not handle that well at all....
Lady Bit picked the wrong person to mess with.
Deimos came clean, but his target seems to have gotten bigger.
One Partnership and one Budding Rivalry. All in a Days work at the Future Camp.
Looks like Kitsunie still has a sore spot...
@Daves: Yay! Your eyes are safe
@SkySurfer: I think the sooner or later for the annoying hit already
@Tailslover13: This Tribal really helped Kitsunie huh?
@RedBeryl: But for Deimos, why would he lie about that?
@Guest: Who says there has to be a secret evil person?
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: Jeff Probst isn't as mean as Chris McClean though.
@Misterjakester : Will these spilled secrets unite the tribe, or divide it further?!
@Blastoise_FTW: Yeah, we got all we really could out of her tbh.
@DrMarble: and Nayla isn't going to be pissed at Shin, so things turned out ok for him.
@ChronoAlone: I'm sure some thought she was really annoying in the 15 pages she was actually in.
@Guest: But she wuz so cute, how can sumtin dat cute be annoyins?
First vote, First Casualty. Sprinkles is out of the game.

Once I came up for the theme of the season, I began picking out pairs that could be interesting, some that made it into the final draft. Some that didn't. But one that had potential ended up being Sprinkles, who worked as a first boot for many reasons. For one, to keep her in line with the series she's from. There was not much depth to her. What you saw was what you got. Super Cutesy, Super Happy, Super Useless. Of course I knew her overall mannerisms would make some people suspect that there was something dark and sinister underneath that pwecious smile. But nope.

With First boots, they generally do need to be characters you can generally figure what they're about instantly, once people saw Sprinkles in the first few pages, it was clear people saw her personality, and in seeing her personality, understanding why she would be voted out in the end was simple given her character. That way I could focus on other people who last longer than her, since her story wrote itself.

Overall I'm happy with how Sprinkles turned out. Was she a shocking first boot... Possibly? Was there a lot of depth to her. Not Really. But did she do the job she had to in this season? Yes. So good on you Sprinkles.