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@dat4yc: I will keep apps sent for SFC16 in the mix for casting SFC17
@qazox: In the Final 5, I felt like there was ENOUGH of a red herring with Riley, Junior and Vinnie, with plausible winning stories.
@NateInDisney: I hope the next one delivers as well
@Guest: Brandi didn't forget what Vinnie did to her and Lake
@EJ122: Probably did not help Doris and Brads case that for a good chunk of the season. (Around Ep 8-11) They were the antagonists to be dethroned, and voted out. It wasnt until after Brad left that Doris was able to escape that.
@Tailslover13: #5 is a very good spot for this season. I'll take it
@Smasher 101: Hope you keep on reading, since the last two you've read seem to have been pretty good on reception. You might be a good luck charm lol
@Yumichika Time: I will keep an eye out for them
@Niftyness:Glad you liked it, and you called quite a bit of those placements
@Sonofhades: I will say, I dont think the endgame would have been as interesting without Sierra. She was a needed frustration.
@Misterjakester : I chose to not do it on purpose. Let the season be its own thing.
@Blastoise_FTW: You could.... still call Vinnie a goat technically.
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: I'll make that wager and say April, just to really delay the season and get the wager right :D
@anime9001: My goal is to have SFC17 started before 2018. Hopefully
@rac567: Vinnie can play a devious game, but its a game that gets people on his bad side
@Haroldisgod: Definently not weeks. But I will do my best to not have the wait be as long.
@rac567: Exactly what Slicer (Guest) Said.
@ChronoAlone: I think Melanie and Barney at least have her beat in the obviousness factor
@rac567: Yeah, being up against Junior and Riley would have been trickier, but having them make the end just wouldnt have seemed right
And we have our champion of Blood vs Water!

As always, notes will be up soon. This was a blast of a season to make.