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Well credit where credit is due. Parm knew exactly how to win Josh over.
Looks like things are getting a little rocky for Kade...
Ollie and Jeannie... What a Strange Couple...
Keep it up guys, eventually you'll know what Mele is talking about.... maybe.
At least Ghost Bro seems to have calmed down... That's good news.
Looks like Josh is not taking this well... But he's not giving up.
@anime9001: Thanks, I did put quite a lot of effort into Raiza and her development.
@Sonofhades: Yeah, those were some big glaring flaws of hers honestly.
@DrMarble: Little Mongoose, Big Impact.
@dat4yc: Yeah Raiza's story was nice and properly wrapped up at least.
@Blastoise_FTW: Maybe, or maybe not...
@ChronoAlone: Not everyones gonna like her. Thats fair.
@RedBeryl: These duo split up comics are always hard...
Loose Lips sink ships, and Raiza’s ship has sailed to Ponderosa as a juror.

Believe it or not Raiza was actually one of the first people cast for this season, and I would say she’s one of the people this season whose story I put more thought in. I wanted to have someone who was a One Note OTT character that did lolrandom stuff, and dig deeper into them as the season goes on. As we got to see that Raiza was just a weird crazy ball of insecurities and doubts. I know I’ve said this about many people this season, but I adored Raiza as a character.

Raiza is someone who felt neglected and ignored her entire life and never got any recognition from anyone which is why she acts up constantly to get people to notice her. Which is why before she got the EX-Machina…. Raiza was one of the more irrelevant players of the season despite trying so hard to stand out. But when she got the EX-Machina, she found her way to be noticed, so even during the early merge when Jahira was insulting her and bashing her for cheating. It was at least acknowledgement and recognition, she didn’t care whether it came in a positive or negative form.

It might be a simple story of learning to believe in yourself which Raiza does do, but what I felt Raiza’s story was, was more of a character examination. I wanted to show off everything about her, and regardless of opinions on her in the end… I think Mission Accomplished on that end. From the Merge onwards she was a rollercoaster of emotions, and while I don’t think her story is 100% done. For this season this was a good point for her to leave, since like many other characters. Yes she could have gone on and continued to grow, but it was not the plans for this seasons story. So sadly she is leaving the game.

Now I’m just going to flatout say this. Raiza did do some things this season that were over the line, mainly during the time when she had her mental breakdown and snapped. Many of the things she said were things that were coming from a deep part of her that was just the words of her insecurities taking control and overwhelming her. And I think generally with Ghost Bro and Mele’s reactions… Raiza was clearly in the wrong to say those things, however to explore more of Raiza and what made that crazy little mongoose click, the dark parts had to be shown too.

You take the Good, You take the Bad, Put em all together, and you have Raiza, one enigma of a Mongoose.
Who Will be going home? Derek, Jenny, Josh, Parmesan, or Raiza?
And so Ollie wins Immunity, and I deeply regret working with Transparent images.....
Looks like there is a new wrinkle in the plan....
For some people money is not a big deal.... for others. It is.
Ghost Bro is locked and ready for Libel