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@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: Brad didn't want to, but knew he had to do it.
@dat4yc: Wow, @ all those girls in the bottom
@RedBeryl: May be happy times for some people
@Misterjakester: Sierra quits next episode you mean?
@Sonofhades: Angelo needs Beards more than he knows
@Floorman: It was about time for a painful elimination. You guys had it too easy with Lake and Angelo
@Blastoise_FTW: Brad and Doris's little talk at the start of the Episode is a tiny hint
@rac567: He might have liked Brandi, but he wasnt putting his wife in Danger
@ChronoAlone: She might, but it just so happens that giving her Immunity was nice, but also a good game move
@rac567: She completed her story arcs. Which is why she had to go
@Tailslover13: Will Thorne pass Eli for 20th place?
@rac567: It was a smart move on their end though
And with one simple flip, and not from the side that everyone that was expecting. Brandi is eliminated from the game.

I think it goes without saying that, for me at least. Brandi has one of the best Multi Season Arcs in SFC. She was never a Truly bad person in her last season, she just played a very bad game. So when I wanted to bring her back for this season, it made the most sense that she would want redemption from her abysmal performance, and I wanted to find a way to turn the notorious Brandi from last season into someone rootable, and I think I did.

Although it is fair to say that because of Brandi's inclusion that I cast Bonnie since after the Marie incident last season, it was too good to not pass up to have the same instance happen again, with the difference being she's actually right this time. In addition, adding Lake to the series really helped flesh her out as a character. She isn't blameless in her actions, but she was able to acknowledge her faults and move on from them and become a formidable player who went from paranoid mess to a very respectable player. Brandi's storyline was not one to win, it was one to redeem herself, and after the Bonnie and Lake arcs, she had accomplished that. And as great of a winner as Brandi might have made for this season. She had completed all of her storylines. Wrapped them up perfectly, so cutting her here made sense for me.

Last time when Brandi left, there was a good sigh of relief and celebration. Don't think I'll get the same here.
Who will be going home? Bowser Jr, Brandi or someone else?
After living like a Pirate with an Eyepatch. Thorne is the only one not cut adrift. Who will be going home tonight?
@SkySurfer: Vinnie found out because like Brandi's realizing it. Bowser Jr. being the flipper makes so much sense.
Junior needs to let Vinnie work his magic. He's on thin ice...
Skippy finally gets the chance to troll some of the players back.
With a Rare Nighttime Challenge. Brad takes the win!