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@rac456: Yeah, he's not leaving in a depressed way.
@qazox: Its still early in the game....
@Smasher 101: Eli leaving due to misreading the edit is perfect for him
@anime9001: Eli was just starting to take over the game. He was ending his UTRness, which is why Vinnie took him out now.
@Misterjakester : After his absence in the last few episodes. he came out guns Blazing.
@Guest: He's too useless to hate.
@Guest: What Slicer said. He's glad Vinnie didn't quit.
@Fern111: Yep, Vinnie knows what he's doing.
@ChronoAlone: He made the Finals once, so its not all bad.
@Blastoise_FTW: Although this big plan of his isn't going to go unnoticed
@Floorman: The last thing Eli wanted would to be an irrelevant merge boot. This makes him happy at least.
@Sonofhades: Either way, she needs to be wary of Vinnie.
@Tailslover13: Man, imagine the Orgasm you would have if I actually made Eli the first boot....
He saw it coming, but by the time he did. It was too late. Eli is taken out by Vinnie's vote.

When I decided to put Eli on this season, I knew I wouldn't be able to have him go as far as he did from the start, but I also didn't want him to leave too early. I wanted to have Eli go through his second chance Transformation. Since he was clearly aware the spastic and OTT way he played last time didn't work. He was going to try a more social and low key game to help him succeed, and it was working. Eli was progressing very smoothly in the game, he had allies, and everything.

He had the story nailed down.... except for the fact that he caught the attention of someone who was onto him. Lake might have been a massive enemy for Vinnie. However Vinnie chose to go after the person who could have caused him the most troubles. Took the Editing Narrative away from Eli and was able to manipulate him into not seeing his own elimination coming. That was another thing I wanted to do with Eli, I wanted to find a way how someone could defeat him by using his own tools against him, and Vinnie manufacturing a scenario for that to happen, as well as several more than obvious boots to distract him.

Eli is the master at reading the edit, but he still has some work to do when it comes to reading people.
Looks like a Doctor isn't in the House. Kinopio is heading to Tribal Council!
Only took Lake 24 hours to turn the Entire Tribe against him. Good Job.
Blooper probably deserved it.