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@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: Its happened once before. I just got lucky with the apps this season.
I have sent out all of the confirmation notes for this season and have gotten 8 of the 11 back.

You have one week to reply before I just wing it with only what you have said on the app.
Progress is being made and confirmation notes are being sent.
@dat4yc: I will keep apps sent for SFC16 in the mix for casting SFC17
@qazox: In the Final 5, I felt like there was ENOUGH of a red herring with Riley, Junior and Vinnie, with plausible winning stories.
@NateInDisney: I hope the next one delivers as well
@Guest: Brandi didn't forget what Vinnie did to her and Lake
@EJ122: Probably did not help Doris and Brads case that for a good chunk of the season. (Around Ep 8-11) They were the antagonists to be dethroned, and voted out. It wasnt until after Brad left that Doris was able to escape that.
@Tailslover13: #5 is a very good spot for this season. I'll take it
@Smasher 101: Hope you keep on reading, since the last two you've read seem to have been pretty good on reception. You might be a good luck charm lol
@Yumichika Time: I will keep an eye out for them
@Niftyness:Glad you liked it, and you called quite a bit of those placements
@Sonofhades: I will say, I dont think the endgame would have been as interesting without Sierra. She was a needed frustration.
@Misterjakester : I chose to not do it on purpose. Let the season be its own thing.
@Blastoise_FTW: You could.... still call Vinnie a goat technically.
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: I'll make that wager and say April, just to really delay the season and get the wager right :D
@anime9001: My goal is to have SFC17 started before 2018. Hopefully
@rac567: Vinnie can play a devious game, but its a game that gets people on his bad side
@Haroldisgod: Definently not weeks. But I will do my best to not have the wait be as long.
@rac567: Exactly what Slicer (Guest) Said.