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I like Reality TV and Video Games, nuff said
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Who will be going home. Nezumi, Ollie, or Raiza?
Well that certainly... was a challenge.

Also sorry for the late upload. Finally got home from a trip.
Lele is the real Ghost Island.
That didn't go as plan.
Yet another of the EX-Machina's features has been uncovered... and it is pretty useless.
Having a talk with Parmesan alone might be more trouble than its worth...
Ollie takes uncomfortable hugs to new levels.
@Friend of Fennecs: He might have become grating had he made the merge
@RedBeryl: They're only on every Tribal Council....
@vanilladream: Such a precious angry cinnamon bun...
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: I think a few rise and falls will happen next episode.
@DryIceBros: Impressive... Especially since there are 16 people yet 17 ranked
@Blastoise_FTW: Maybe..... probably not though. He doesnt seem to be in good physical shape.
@EJ122: Now the Quieter voices can step up
@spinfur: So.... are you saying Tony is not a Good Boi?
@Misterjakester : Yeah dont get your hopes up
@Tony is a dumbass : I mean... Superfans dont have the best track record in being great players.
@ChronoAlone: It will be. He was enjoyable.
@DrMarble: Sadly Quickscope really did not have much else to do...