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I like Reality TV and Video Games, nuff said
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@Blastoise_FTW: Take an Advil :)
@Not Guest the 2nd: And he's in one of the best spots at the moment.
@ Misterjakester : Maybe Claire had more, but it wasn't obtainable in this season with the story I was telling.
@Tailslover13: Still having Kitsunie at the top eh? Strange pick lol
Idols are played, Cats are Confused, Betrayals are made, and Claire is voted off.

Claire was a very important character for the first half of the season. She was meant to be the Hero of the Past Tribe, Growing from someone who was a Follower, and then Grew into her role as the Sane Leader who led with a voice of reason. Only to have everything be shaken up when she sees her future self. Someone who kept growing as she did.... into the negative side of Leadership. Claire was the person to give her a wakeup call, and the second half of her arc was about getting that Wakeup call to Clarissa. And while she wasn't able to smooth over all of her edges, she did manage to make her blend in some. Just not enough to stop being a threat, and a pain for the others to deal with.

She was always the Ideal that she tried to get Clarissa back to, and as such, when making this season, and seeing that Claire's growth peaked in Episode 3-4, having her story focus to Clarissa in the second half made sense given there was not much more for her to do personally on her own given she had already become a complete character who knew what she had to do, and was a well rounded individual, who would be a big strategic voice... And it made almost too much sense to vote her off right after Clarissa did the Nolaa vote. Claire would do something that would shake Clarissa to her core. When Claire left. Clarissa was completely outplayed, completely left out of the loop. There was no winning for her in this vote. And Claire's Final Words now... might do something.

Regardless of what Clarissa does. With Claire, she served her purpose as one of the key story drivers for the first half of the season, and while I am sad to see her leave since she had some great moments and great interactions with others... It was her time to go.
Who will be going home? Claire, Clarissa, Frysk, Kasai, Ria, or someone else?
Pretty Cool that Ernest and Sagittaria aren't going to be feeling the Heat at Tribal Council. But someone WILL get Burned.
While the Mayors away, the Anthros will... Gossip. I guess thats how it goes.
Shin, might be wise to both listen to Kasai... and stay away at all costs.
Getting the feeling that Claire is reaching the limit of her patience.
Seems like E.T. got his Redemption.... Now don't mess it up.
At least Nolaa leaving didn't split them apart.
Some people are starting the merge off better than others I think....
Enjoy that peace while it lasts P. Body....
@dat4yc: And yet Kitsunie is surprisingly not last.
@Cute Kitten Fan: I completely forgot about it..... so I added that in shortly after I posted the challenge she won it.
@Blastoise_FTW: It takes alot to startle him
@Misterjakester : I hope so too