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I like what you did with their eyes and the guardian subtitles they represent! im surprised no one has said anything about it.
@Legendslayer21: I think it's a smash attack Fox McCloud uses in Smash Bros.
Im glad to see you posting again, I truely enjoy reading the story you've put together, and now Im excited to see it hasn't come to an end. Hope to see more from you in the future.
nice reference!
yup no coming back from that
Here is one!
Tobias the Munchlax
no special design or look so do with it what you will.
I just noticed something!
these guys have eyes that work just like a duskull's eyes! I wonder if that was intentional? did dusknoir have any personal hand in making these freaks?
@LightBlueBlaze: you got my permission! go for it.
saw it coming!
it was fun while it lasted though!
So you do have a name!
@Djoing: I was prepared to start calling you by your species from here on out! Scafi, Alright I got it.
That's one person back
Now if only we can find the ninetails and the sawk...
Not Missing!
take your time
It's been a while
Hope everything's going well for the author.
To Carvanha
>Ok that settles that! We should go catch up with Auren.
Might be sooner than you think
@TheJGamer: 3 other "pokemon" have been inactive for a bit.
Team leaders?
@Guildmaster Emboar: is this optional or we must have one?
Ah look at how our team is lined up!
We could have totally been team Fish Sandwich! Although it looks like Auren left the group for the berry hiest soooo I guess that leaves Toby and Carvanha to make the team name. Looks like our team is Team ACTion.
Ok then
I do wonder where the other 3 went
@Djoing: Alright just need to hear from 9rainbowtails and it'll be the name.