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I'm a amateur artist and only trying out new stuff currently, hopefully everyone enjoys what I make. (if i ever get around to creating)
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Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you had a great spooky October!!
You see that crazy good background there? That was made by Skyrocker4cats, the person I make my other comic Unpleasant Hero with!

Check them out:
We have a schedule set up: Look forward to every weds and sat!
Recently I've been pretty unhappy with the comic, I started it as a test to see if I even could keep up with a comic. I've improved a lot and with the start of my second comic Unpleasant Hero going well I figured it was high time I restart the comic with better art and a more focused story. I hope you enjoy this new Budding Heroes!
Since we missed yesterdays page we're doing a double post... and a bonus 3 pages to apologize and because we cant wait. >.>
Indigo is the sweetest best character.
Sorry for being so late on this page, I have been preparing for a trip, once I'm back from it we'll try to be better!
Ah I see a game of hang man went bad, oh well. Also jeez, throw him a bone here.
Humans still get the short end of the stick. ... Eh at least the puppo can pass! (Awesome comic btw.)
Bootiful birb, coot mice
If I had a nickle every time that happened I would probably have at least one nickle... *maybe*
This is a really good comic, it's super well drawn, cool story, and interesting characters.
Happy page 100! ... well maybe not happy... but page 100!
Uh oh things are looking bad for the chin caretaker.
February 13th, 2017
This comic is looking good, I can't wait to see more.
This comic just keeps pulling me in deeper and deeper.
I love how the can says ONLY red... like... are they drinking pure color? ... Nahhh prolly pure sugar.
The sad life of the third wheel... in the hero team.
She should of known... something ALWAYS happens when the perfect sandwich is made.