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I wholeheartedly agree with all of this.
"Howie...we should just tell him"
I love how Fara is here to just smooth eeeeverything over.
Awwww, they really just care about her.
Happy birthday!!
Defensive husband runs his mouth...wife's gotta put him in his place.
Thanks! I learned something today! *questions so many previous interactions with trolls*
If things get too busy, no one will blame you for skipping comics this week and during your honeymoon. Seriously, there is so much shit to do leading up to a wedding, don't stress yourself out for our sakes.

And once again congratulations!
First, let me say it shows just how powerful Ky is in themselves to be able to stick to their guns about this. We came as friends, if this isn't something you can be around I'd be sad but you have to make that choice. Not once offering to compromise themself. Ky has been such a strong self-assured character through this and is really inspiring. Everyone has doubts sometimes and everyone has dysphoric moments, but Ky really handles them with so much grace.

Second, while Drew is being a Big Jerk (TM) everyone comes.around to these things at their own pace. I'm Ky is giving him a chance to A) make is over-all life happier by choosing not to care about what the world thinks, and B) make amends and maybe resolve a friendship or something more between the two of them. I really hope he takes the wake-up-call and makes the decision that'll make him happy in the long run. I suspect he won't, because he has shown before that he's a little dense and doesn't make the "right" decisions in the moment. He makes them later, after introspection and getting advice from people (like Gavin). Hopefully, having already talked to Gavin during the great formalwear-switcheroo will give him enough puzzle pieces to put him on the right path this time.

Which is all a big long way to say you do a really good job of making emotionally deep, complex, consistent and realistic characters. While I can't predict what's going to happen, I have never been confused about why in the world someone did something so marvelously out of character. I love this story so much! Thank you for writing it for us.
Welp, I hope growing that backbone didn't hurt too much. Cuz it really looks like it's done you some good.
As usual, you do not disappoint. Those faces! There is so much said in those faces. You have elevated this scene so much, I just cant even put into words.
I would love to see the script for this page. I love your writing just as much as your comic. (Have I said that already? Am I gushing?)
@Auldr Well said!!
I agree with the keep both
Also, your conversations have been more natural and fluid than any other I've seen. Those kinds of details (like expressive hands, as you mentioned, or pieces of a reacting face even if someone else is speaking) really makes the difference. Bravo. Keep up the good work! I too live for Mondays!
The blush is strong with this one
Can you just compile these descriptive side comments into a short story/novella/ff when you're all done with this? Cuz it's equally amazing. You're very clearly a talented writer.