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November 13th, 2016
I have a feeling that the they are bit too optimistic about the state of the rest of the world.
March 6th, 2016
'PLAY SNAKE ON THE TOILET'???? wait. no, no, no,... that can't really be what I just read. 'Play snake on the toilet', 'Play snake on the toilet' OH! 'Play SNAKE on the toilet' like the GAME snake! like on his phone 'play snake'. Okay, okay. I was thinking something else for a second.....
February 2nd, 2016
January 29th, 2016
it's the last page :(
yeah i did notice the bump i just thought it was from using your own hand as a reference. you should see mine its huge it makes my middle finger nail grow crooked and my right thumb is 2x as big as my left. you ever get that well in your thumb like your still holding the pencil? nice
YEEEEEAH!!! fuck story lines.
December 22nd, 2011
you just dont get it
@sknywhtboy88: dont talk to me about scsc like i dont know nothing. i read scsc befor it was even on smackjeeves and its still one of the best ive ever seen. if it got updated today i would jump for effing joy but if it dosent oh well.
and its the same for this comic if it ends here oh well thats whats going to happen. but you act like ziggy personaly stabbed you in the back. who needs that kind of crap on them.
rilly you completely missed the point of what i just said. if your still pissed about scsc not getting an ending then go complain over at that comic. thats what i was saying.
and gabriel zigs life doesnt revolve around this comic. hes not writing this comic for money or for us for that matter hes doing cuz he wants to. ziggy has no obligation to continue if he decides he dosent want to. and now every ones guilting and him like its the end of the world. at this point this comic might be causing more bad then good from zigs perspective and if hes going to drop it flat then thats whats going to happen. im just saying no one is give zigs any reason to WANT to continue it.
ok ummmmm... some of you guys are kinda being jerks about this. i mean i cant say im not a scsc fan (infact i like to think of myself as the biggest scsc fan) but im reading this comic out of my love for THIS comic. i love the characters and the story and not because its written by the same person that wrote scsc. if thats your guys's only reason for reading then you why dont you go over to the scsc page and bitch over there or you can take my advice from earlier and BE SUPPORTIVE
oh yeah talk about scsc THAT'LL get ziggy to come back. you guy dont know what the hell your talking about cuz scsc was online for years befor it was put on smackjeeves and ziggy took breaks all the time. if you want updates just show your support and stop bitching
"puke sparkles and hearts" is that what happened to the backround in the first panle?
omg! i was just listening to this song!
ow. arg! oof! lol!
you gotta love aidens faces
yay! your back!
bummys like that frog from the little critter books i feel like a little girl again
i last read this comic in 2006 and just found it again now then read the entire comic in one sitting i think i deserve a cookie
thats the bee from page 2
November 15th, 2010
true thats some true-ness right there
then they get an f