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Give me some ideas to draw and I guarantee the chances that I will draw again~

Also if anyone knows of any collabs, feel free to tell me about any I can try and join, I want to keep drawing~
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    call me Dai
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There's no rush ;A;
I wouldn't want the collab to die anyways DX but I am looking forward to any update =w=
I was hoping my drawing style at least improved a bit XD

Manga Studios is actually a bit complicated to figure out at still is for me. But I really like the inking pen and the screentones that it already has available (~ = w =)~

I would've continued updating but I gotta get my college classes set up, they're being a derp on my schedule DX that and I'm out of ideas at the moment
Thanks XD
I assumed he would say something like that XD
I'm gonna keep practicing how to do this correctly so anyone can go next~
(sorry it makes no sense XD )
I felt bad for leaving these two out...that and I decided to use them as practice so I can remember how to draw and use my Manga Studios program again XD

Sadly I'm still trying to correctly find the right size files so sorry both pages are so large = w =
I'll try and update ASAP -since sadly I'm a lazy bum at times and I'm kinda slow now XD-
I just love this page...XD

Also who was gonna update the next page~? (~ o w o)~
I think so, maybe, I dunno XD
Hooray for inspirationz~ > w <
College is a pain but it didn't stop me from finishing this page XD
Anyone can go next XD
But if nobody can then I'm willing to try continuing, I'm on vacation anyways -w-
I know, it really will be XD
Surprise update, yay XD
I really wish it can be continued ;^;
ohmygosh, it's been so long since I've seen something posted XD
I miss drawing here ;^;
One time I just hugged my friend, and she bit me. Thus how my chara's hate for hugs just randomly came up XD
And because her true side comes out.
I have a continue for it, but I'll let it sit for a moment. I'm supposed to be doing my histoy project now....oh well, not due yet.
actually i'll do a quick one when i get a moment
there's always the possibility of making up BK's location.
if he shows up though, he may be seen with a &#8243;special collar&#8243;on him, courtesy of Suki...XD
that's what usually happens when she finds someone as her new 'pet'
currently BK is probably stuck with Suki (the devious evil twin dressed in red) in a food cabinet near a kitchen, most likely tied up while being tormented somehow idk just made it up XD