As an aspiring voice artist and concept artist, I don't have much patience or time to give to conversation and virtual meaningless friendships. Don't be afraid to send a message, but I most likely will grow distant or have a difficult time replying consistently.

I go by Renee, and I am an avid gamer of all types and platforms and I'm not much into virtual socialization anymore. I've got a lot of unresolved issues and I'm much more serious then a child should be to maintain a good form of mental health.
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June 21st, 2017
@Kimmikala: Is it weird that I hope Sooch doesn't turn out to be bisexual or something just to conform to fans or Howie's feelings?
Mmmm, can I have my fingernails done like Sooch's?
@Ralend: I think that might actually be a watercolor shading effect. I mean, we all know Gannet's got decent pecs, and it's nighttime.
@Carmellux: Have you ever wanted to hug a character so bad ;m;
I honestly feel bad for Joakim ;w;
And this was my favourite comic even before the relationship bloomed. I wonder what's in store after the fluff.
Welcome back! This page looks fantastic. Scared and insane are my favourite expressions.
I love the way you write this entire comic, you don't skip out on the intensity, and you make the relief palpable when everything begins to cool down. I love this webcomic, and I'm totally cheering you on anytime, bro.
@H0lyhandgrenade: That's honestly quite awesome, and I'll know to look for more of your reoccurring characters within all your comics.
I see a lot of similarities between Mokepon's Caleb, and Rumplestiltskin's Caleb.