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The facial expressions in the comic were always great, but since Uncle Josh showed up, I just have to stop and appreciate EVERY FRAME HE'S IN! I can't even >_<; He even brings out the best of Nati's.

And Nati, you confused little sweety, It's not Amanda's fault you're a mess, but it's not fair to her to stay with her if you don't like her, either.

Oh and I definitely remember the looking up and quiz taking about Demisexuality. Not really easy to understand (I figured I'm a Demiromantic Ace in the end but, well)....
I can understand why she's alarmed, but being a bitch won't do good to anybody.
With that attitude I just can't like her. Sorry, but if she wants to help that is not the way.
Wow I guess that pissed me off huh? I hope she'll get how she might be harmful soon, and maybe change a bit.
Alex, you're an idiot. And Mariano is an extremely toxic person.
ALL expressions on these new pages are wonderful! Especially in this one.
And I'm really proud he said yes. Even if he won't explain, he didn't shut her out of it, like many others might....
That heavy feeling he might not have been smiling in photos because he just wasn't happy...
The coloring is beautiful!

I'd like those sweathers with those colors..
Wait Joa you look too young with that expression! THIS DOESN'T LOOK LEGAL!

Srsly seeing this page alone without context would look wrong to someone who doesn't know the comic...
June 17th, 2018
How wierd is it to say it felt like Howie wasn't present in the comic since Sooch became the main? I'm really exited now because it feels like Howie is finally back. I think this way Sooch could also finally learn to love back.
And now I'm extremely exited for the new chapter!

And I really don't think Nova will stay mad for long. At Luca.... Droo might be in a bit of danger at first though...
Droo wherever you are, DO NOT COME BACK YET!
And just when I thought I couldn't love Sooch more.
His ability to learn from his mistakes and to read the situation thoroughly is ever-evolving, and he keeps breaking the walls that both he and Howie construct.
As I see it, they'll work great as a couple, because they work great as people. they Grow from eachother.

And I swear I keep feeling overwhelmed with every update at the amazing writing and storytelling. Thank you for this.
SO next chapter is where Luca discovers he's pregnant because alien sex?
Well, jokes aside He'll be surprised to see he's healed better that night, I guess.

Droo, I'm proud of you! you upgraded from great to amazing. By the time the comic ends you'll be god-level <3
And the amazing trolling best-bro award goes to......... RUSSEL! Seriously Russ, you're the best.
I'm kinda curious to see the reaction of the others about Arco's "Battle scars"...

I'm really glad to see an update. Made my day (Not sure what day since it's like 2AM)! I still love this comic a lot and hope to see it end, so I'm happy to hear you're pushing to finish it, and with what feels like a more positive outlook on it this time. DO YOUR BEST! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!
Did he search Demisexuality? I'm trying to read what's in the computer, but really it's too small to read on my tablet so... Did I see right?
First panel went all "Ghibli-exited-effect", and it looks amazing. I hope to see that kind of expression on him more...
Seriously, Commander is a better parent than any I ever had (And I sorta had quite a few)... That does not come easily. Luca you should be happy <3
May 26th, 2018
It's enough to ask him, not to push him into it. And it's about time Doug and Ned share their thoughts and feelings, because I don't think any of them has an actual idea what the other wants.
This inner monologue has a good grasp on what depression feels like. Good job.
Dana how did you not expect it to be this big? Srsly have you SEEN THEM?
@Kwildshine: Your comment is very much apreciated! The best part of reading webcomics with this kind of theme is reading comments as such in the right time.
Drew looks lost...

BTW wrong chapter number.