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Cool Feature!
Hi everyone. If you are not on a mobile device, you can hover your cursor over the page and see the "title." I don't know if that was announced already or anything like that, but I just want to point it out. (Sorry if that was obvious to everyone and I missed something earlier)
Thank You
I can't believe it died...
@SparkySharkhead: On the other side? I hope he's not dead. God, the sadness.
1. A freaking Snivy
2. TWO Cyndaquils
3. Mr. Lucario, I believe you don't wear the bandana like that. It goes around your neck, like this...
PMD Love
... Let's play a game, shall we?

Nyeh heh heh!

Woah ho ho!

Chaw haw haw!
Why are all the Weaviles bad? Is that a Pokemon thing? I personally kind of like Weavile, not a favorite though.
@DracheLehre: Same here. Maybe its a random cameo?
What did you do!?!
*Triggering Intensifies*
"Did you just..."
"Are you..."
*Twitches intensify*
"Are you FLIRTING with me?!?!?"
Nice Page
@VexxBlack: Somehow, people don't like this self reflection page. Like, 3 stars? What?!
Gee, I wonder if it's a really obvious cameo...

nah, I'm too gullible to think that.
@-_-: You dirty minded bastard.
@SilverLunarwing: My team name is NewFriends (consists of me (Cyndaquil), AuraBearer (Riolu), Skora (Skorupi), Glaze (Glalie), sometimes Trapinch)
So many good pages
1. "Blooming Heck!!"
2. Miracle Berries; what
How did no one rate this? Jeez! It's amazing, goodness!
This is how to write a conclusion. Screw English class, this guy knows it all!
Wait, so on the previous page, I though that the princess was behind Buizel, and that it just looked a bit weird. Now I feel like she was trying to make up with him. In that case,

Rating 5/5
1. Buizel Save is epic
2. When you accidentally turn your enemies into Pompeii

"Oh! Uh... I think I overdid it again... hehhehheh...~"
Whack-a-Khan Anyone?
Apparently no one besides me...
Chick fight?
@VexxBlack: One is a vixen, tsk tsk...
Rated 5/5 for Mack's "legs", which look hilarious
Rated 5/5
Nicely played with those looks, good highlights, best yet probably