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Drawing, writing
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(: i think i might work on this comic again.
(: keep track of all the Vinris horns and tail orbs
the colour changes to match the number of sins the Vinri has done.
( big sins, not little ones. murder, drugs, rape, etc. )
LOL. I'm not the preggo chick! Hahahaa
But yeah, you guys are bffs! The character based off of me comes in later in the story. (:
A new character is introduced. C.T. the monkey.
Azerothian Super Villains.

This made me laugh, good job. :}
"thats when you'll your time has come"

Should it be "thats when your time has come"?
Or something, because I keep rereading that sentence and it sounds confusing.

But this comic is amazing.
Will this ever be updated? ;_;
Clover x Melia.

I love this.

You're probobly the first I know to do this. XD