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Good luck on that plane ride! I'm supposed to be on a plane in a few weeks!

Also Amanda, leave him alone! He was having a moment, geez!
@maeriyong: mk honestly I like Wes as a character and a cool guy outside of Kylee's life. Maybe with a cute guy (or girl?)
Poor babes..
@redmarielle: I'm just gonna say it's a country dance song? Don't know much country so maybe 'Timber'? Lmao
@ShadowThorn: he should really let the alcohol kick in and do some "stupid" things, that I HOPE he would remember the next day..
Kim stop being stubborn and ask your crush for a dance before it's too late!
They're so cute!
Pls teleport with these peeps to your bOYFRIEND
September 12th, 2017
maybe he should do a fashion show then we'll decide..
Honestly why I love this comic so much is that it's real. Not every guy would suddenly come out as gay because of a kiss. It's self discovery. Although it'll be a deathly slow burn, I'm glad we get to see Sooch find out and understand that it's okay for him to be with a man. Not all love stories have happy endings immediately. But I'm sure it will eventually <3
r u n
Good luck. I hope you stay safe and don't get hurt! I hear it's supposed to be bad but nothing you can't handle :)
yo guys they're really getting drunk.. I wonder if that kiss will resume when they get home.. ;)
That's so awesome! Glad you'll have time but good luck during the school year.

Also, literally before the kiss, Howie asked him to be honest like come on boi
he's mean because he's in denial of his feelings and his sexuality, duh
dude if the kiss lasts longer than 10 seconds we hit gOLD
Honestly he needs to hurry before it's too late..! Howie is probably heartbroken and you know what his friends would probably say.. "Go find someone else." I mean, maybe Howie won't get over him that quick ( I hope ) but it's never wrong to worry!