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Big Tim Stiles is a writer and actor who has been working in the creative arts for over two decades. After four years of working as a comic book reviewer for he dove into writing short stories for Australian cult comics Killeroo and Circus. From there he went on to create paranormal investigator and monster hunter Cthulhu Williams resulting in two successful Kickstarter campaigns. Big Tim's mission on this planet is to combat the stigma society places on mental illness and suicide survivors, and these important themes have informed and fuelled his webcomic Gorilla my Dreams.
I know the webcomic has been quiet, but Ahmed and I have been working on a couple projects.

The first is the JOSIE: SHARK RIDER FROM SPACE Indiegogo to raise money for the Rape Crisis Centre.

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If you backed our Kickstarter last year, you'll remember that there was a pledge level where we would help design your hero and weave him/her into our story. I needed KG to start interacting with other heroes as he and Margot continued on their journey to take down Lucifer Bing-Bong.

This is the first of three pages that introduce Stitchimonsta to Struggle-Town. I hope you dig it as much as we did creating him.

Morning guys!

Welcome to the first page of Gorilla my Dreams: Gorilla Tails!

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Dude. Keep 'em coming. Still loving it :)
Dude. Just read it all so far with my 10 year old daughter. She's digging it so far.
@Nate: Hey man. Glad you're enjoying some of the dialogue and banter. Hope I continue to deliver :)
@Ian Evans: Thanks man. I really hope you enjoy t more as the story unfolds :)