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Hi! I make some stuff like a weird nuzlocke comic . You can see it if you want ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
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That's one of the best compliment I got so far! Thank you XD
Thank you!!!! ;----; yeah i love this format!!!
4 more extra comics!!!!
hi guys!
here a little more extras! I really like doing these 4koma so you will see it more often ^^

another news: school is back (yeay i guess) so of course the update will take wayyy more time
especially this year I will have to work very hard but I will do my best to post as soon as possible (because I fucking love doing this nuzlocke and I won't give it up!!!)
Anyway! hopes you guys will enjoy it!!
He's fine don't worry :V
Thanks god May didn't have one in her team back then D:
What a journey... It was wonderful ;w;
I can't belive this is over ;w;
You did an amazing job with this run I loved every part of it! ;;;;w;;;;
Ohhh I didn't think of it! D:
Thank you!!!! ;w;
8 new pages!!!!!!!
Hi guys! here the new break! :D
In this break we will see Lisia and Chaz backstory, how they met ans why this is so complicated today between these two >>
anyway I hope you guys will like it, next time we will finish the QandA!!!
PS: Lisia real name is Atalante I will explain that in the next chapter X)
12 NEW PAGES!!!!
Hi guys! I'm back from vacation ^^
I'm sorry I wasn't able to post back there :/ but here I am now with the last pages of chapter 13!!! :D
Anyway I hope you guys will like it! Also after the break chapter I will finish the QandA!! (finally)
I can't believe it's over..
I've been reading this nuz since middle school and now I'm in college ;-;
Anyway this nuz will always be my favorite nuz ;w;
The pop corn fairy gave it to him ùú
Yeah she is really expressive X)
Well now that I think of it you're right! Except he didn't ruin the mental healf of one of his child and his wife but that's another subject X)
Exact! That was rude! D:<
Don't worry he already regret saying that X)