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Hi! I make some stuff like a weird nuzlocke comic . You can see it if you want ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
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@Guest: Well he kinda does XD Nobody disrespect his trainer in front of him! D:<
Last answers until the end ot the break!!!!!!
Sorry I'm late D:
anyway last part before the end of the break (dont worry If didn't answered your question I will do it later :0 )
Hopes you guys will like it! I and will post something special on Sunday! :DD
You will see her soon so After X)
Ahhhh I can understand your feeling then X)
Exact! A pure boi from the begining to the end ùú
Somebody get the Burn Heal we have a burn victim
Yes!! That was a great questions thank you for asking it ^^
Yeah I'm pretty sure Bea wont change her mind now :V
Country music is dope!
Yes that's really rude! D:<
Yep! Everyone like Leon :v
New answers!!!!!!
Hi guys!!
So here's the 3rd part of the Q and A! (I'm not late this time :V )
Another info: I've finished the little surprise that takes me like.. 3Months ==* So i'm going to post it like the next week end possibly and after that WE'LL START THE ACT II BABY YEAHHHHH!!!!! 8DDD
So I will post Tuesday (if I can) the last part of the FAQ before the end of the break (I will answer the other questions after don't worry ^^ )
So I see you next time!!
Yeah I can understand why :V
Too much presure for her D: Yeah Norman isn't best dad she got a pretty troubled childhood :S
Well we're in SlatePort City it has(?) to happen ùú
Yes protect him.. protect him against the danger of the nuzlocke rules!!! D:
Ohhhhhh noooo I'm so sorry ;---;