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Hi! I make some stuff like a weird nuzlocke comic . You can see it if you want ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
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Awww come here (> ;w;)>
Well yeah that's a nuzlocke so It won't be funny everytime X) but it wont be Dark everytime too :0
Hi guys! new pages today! :D
Sorry for the late but I went back to school the next day after posting the previous page X) so you wont see updates every weeks but I think I can keep an nice rythme for the update with one page every 2 weeks (or 3 if i'm really busy) since I did it last year :0 (I hope it'll be like that ;w;)
anyway new pages! things are going crazy in Mauville's Gym! :V
Hopes you guys will like it! ^^
Can't wait for the Sinnoh arc °^°
I can smell the ship ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@Mystic Fire: omg thanks a lot!!! ;;;;w;;;; I love drawing battles so that means a lot for me :,)
XD Yeah this battle will be tense! (I'm not ashamed it's a good joke!)
Thanks ^^" I'm sorry too I loved this little tablet ;-;
9 new pages today!!!
I'm sorry guys for the late my drawing tablet just died on the begining of september so I had to buy another one éè
anyway I hope you'll like these pages! the battle against Voltere just start and it won't be easy!
that holding hands tho :V
Too late He already send death treats D:
Honestly me too ;----;
10 new pages!!!!
Hey guys! Today I came with 10 new pages!! :D (boi that was long to edit..)
anyway I hope you will like it! ^^
Smug and dangerous ಠ_ಠ
@Mystic Fire: awegerous? X) Thank you ;w;
Hi guys!!! i'm back :DDD
So yeah I came back from tunisia 3 days ago so now I'm back to buisness ^^
I think this cover is ok but I still think it's not good enough, I think it's too simple for all the things that going to happen in this chapter :/
But i hope you guys will enjoy it anyway ^^

PS: when I was on vacations I was able to draw too so I drew like 20 pages so the next pages will come quickly :)
Does that mean we going to get a Double Platinum nuzloooooocke?? ;^)
@SincPlays: Thanks a lot for your comment! ^^ Ahhhhhh i'm so happy to be your current-favorite-nuzlocke-artist!!! That means a lot for me!!! ;-------;
boy these kids are so precious i love them so much ;-----;