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Hi! I make some stuff like a weird nuzlocke comic . You can see it if you want ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
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Mais pourquoi une pomme? :s
Wierd dab but ok X)
Oh nooo this is not going to end well D:
You're back!! :D
Poor Silver is just trying to be nice :<
Sadly yeah.. :? éè
2 new pages!
hi guys! it's still me X)
Here is the last pages I post until the end of my exam period >> I can't wait to end it..
anyway I hope you guys will like it! even if it's way more short than usually ^^"
Too bad Scotty is a boy X)
That's a secret ùú
You mean Sherley? :0 well it's true in the cool compétition she might win easily X)
Oh shit you're right! D:
Oh you know, Sherley is trying to be nicer X)
7 new pages!!!!
rahhhh I'm late as always!! D: I wish I could post every two sundays as before ;-; anyway! new pages today!
so here the last pages of chapter 12! Yes I'm doing the pokemon contest here X) (this nuz will never eeeeend) anyway after the break between chapter 12 and 13 i'll do a litteral break again X) (my exam session begin in 10 days so I have to work.. but the 15th May I will be freeeeee ;w;) anyway hopes you will enjoy it! ^^
Omg really?? XD (If only we could joint them >> )
Welcome back! Nice to hear that ^^