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Hi! I make some stuff like a weird nuzlocke comic . You can see it if you want ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
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Does that mean we going to get a Double Platinum nuzloooooocke?? ;^)
@SincPlays: Thanks a lot for your comment! ^^ Ahhhhhh i'm so happy to be your current-favorite-nuzlocke-artist!!! That means a lot for me!!! ;-------;
boy these kids are so precious i love them so much ;-----;
4 new pages of break!
Hi there! :D
Today I post the 4 new page of the break between chapter 10 and 11! I hope you will like it ^^
also I'm going to a trip of 3 weeks this weekend so i won't post anything I'm sorry :/ (but i will try to do something productive for the nuz! )
so see you next time ^^
Omg I'm so happy to read this! I never knew I could make people so emotional about my nuz.. Thank you ;---;
I'm sorry for the late I haven't been in a good mood lately ^^" but anyway! I hope you will enjoy these new pages!
2 years already ;w;
I'm drawing this comic since 2 years and I'm sooo happy there're people who like it ;;;w;;;
thanks you guys for keep reading my nuz, I love you all ;w;
I'm sorry for the late guys, I had to corrige EVERY PAGES between chapter 1 and 7 and that tooks me a hole week :/ but i'm glad I did it because Oh my god that was a huge mess ==
anyway I hope you will enjoy it! ^^
These Kids nowadays keep ruining good things aren't they ==
Yeah Bea is adorable ^^ (and gonna kick their ass!!!)
Thanks you!!! °^°
6 new pages here!!!
Hey guys! sorry for the late here is the new pages for you! ^^
I'm sorry there's not many pages today but it's because we will change the point of view in the next pages so I had to cut it here éè"
Anyway! I hope you guys will like it ^^
@Mystic Fire: Oh my god XD
@Mystic Fire: pure electric boy
@Mystic Fire: lmao you're not wrong XD
@SincPlays: ahhh thanks you for reading and commenting on it omg ;-----;
New pages!!!
Hi guys! ^^
Here 7 new page today! Our lovely team finally arrive in Mauville City, But something is wrong! D:<
Anyway I hope you guys will enjoy this page even if there is no fight in it ;-;
@SincPlays: aaaaaaa thank youuuuu!!! °^°