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Hi! I make some stuff like a weird nuzlocke comic . You can see it if you want ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
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Yep I didn't ask for this battle but now I want it °^°
Nooooo DDDD:
Good job Ruby!
Poor wurmple :/
Hi guys! it's still me haha!
so as I said here's the last break of the 1st act of emerald delta! ^^
hopes you guys will like it! (so much drama tho)
Oh shit I don't like it ==
Omg thanks you so much ;-----; Honestly I'm so happy to start the new arc because I really like what i planned for this one and I hope you guys like it too ;;;w;;;
16 NEW PAGES!!!!
It's been a while I know i'm sorry :/ but thanks to Ibis Paint I've been able to do these pages a lot faster than I could do before! (heck I'm now able to draw in class in the train in the subway everywhere and I'm soooo damn happy!!! ;w; )
so here's the new pages that end up this chapter and the first arc of this part!!! :D (i can't believe I've gone so far(?) ;;;-;;; Thanks you guys for supporting me and my nuz ;; )
Many stuff happen in this page so I hope you will enjoy it ^^
also after this page you'll got a little break (you know the little chapter between two big chapter) and after I will take a break (see what I did here huehuehue) for many reason, first to separate correctly the two arc and the second is because I want to make you a little surprise but it will take some time to make unfortunately ^^" (but don't worry i'm still gonna make some stuff for you wait ;) )
anyway I hope you guys will like it!
OMG OMG Thank you so much ;----; that mean a lot for me ;-----;
ADJDJGUD THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! ;;;;;w;;;; l'm so glad to hear that you liked the breakdown part! I was afraid of doing too much with that ^^" Your comment is so sweet thank you very much ;;;w;;;
Must be painful :S
7 new pages!!!!
HI GUYS! It's been a while :V (this is starting to be my catch phrase..)
Sorry for the late school makes me really tired this times X) but I have a break next weak so i'll try to be faster for the next pages ^^
Speaking of which the next update will be the last pages of this chapter but it will contain many many pages So don't worry if it takes too long X)
Anyway today we end the fight against Voltere! I tried to do some cool stuff but i don't know if you guys will like it or not X)
hopes you'll enjoy it anyway ^^
@SincPlays: FJLKNDNEKJNF thank you ;;;w;;;
Oh yeah. That pokemon 눈_눈
Awww come here (> ;w;)>
Well yeah that's a nuzlocke so It won't be funny everytime X) but it wont be Dark everytime too :0
Hi guys! new pages today! :D
Sorry for the late but I went back to school the next day after posting the previous page X) so you wont see updates every weeks but I think I can keep an nice rythme for the update with one page every 2 weeks (or 3 if i'm really busy) since I did it last year :0 (I hope it'll be like that ;w;)
anyway new pages! things are going crazy in Mauville's Gym! :V
Hopes you guys will like it! ^^
Can't wait for the Sinnoh arc °^°
I can smell the ship ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)