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~Hey everybody! :]

Welcome! So, um...yeah lol I'm not good at know?

ZZZzzzzzZZZZ...Procrastinator to the max xD

Deviantart username: kitsuneki

~lol I'm pretty optimistic and apparently talk too much :] (lol)

I used to be a HUGE anime/manga fan but now...not so much. Now I just like the style of artwork <3

I like to learn new things and like chit chatting with people :D

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    Monica :]
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~~LOL not really sure what I'd do in her situation...LOL probably follow xP

Yay! No more bad vibes! LOL you do well and shouldn't compare your work to anyone elses, because, you are unique! =]

I actually love to see how people get better in their artwork! It makes me feel happy for them and encourages me to improve as well! xD

My computer hates me and trying posting this comment 15x times!

LOL I forbid you from saying that ever again!!! Your comic is absolutely lovely!!! Not to mention that your characters/story is so interesting! **angry face**
Another update :]

D: I feel bad...LOL I think Cherry is totally my favorite...
yes it's an update :]

Experimenting more, but that's what it's all about! I spent more time on this page then I think I've spent on any other I was thinking that it would look better taking more time I just can't take that much time...
aw! At least he's nice about it! :]
hahahaha! I love this!

D: I really wouldnt want to see him quite so soon...
ah! You'll improve fine LOL probably better than me!!! D: lol
Don't worry about disappointing anyone! If you enjoy your work it'll show! :]
AW!!! D: I hope that doesn't happen to me!
AH! <3 I've been busy lately and just started reading this! I LOVE IT! I think that your small changes on every page makes it more...interesting? x] I love the story and the art makes me excited to see how you'll improve on the next page!!! :D Please update again soon!!! <3
3rd update!!!! :D
I totally could have wrapped up the whole comic in a couple of pages had I done a different spin on this page... GO BACK! lol 3rd update today! [[don't expect this all of the time...unfortunately...]]
2 pages in one day?! Madness!
My family and I are having problems with our router...and my computer runs on wireless internet... ... ... yeah...BUT on the plus side I drew out a page everyday for the past...3 days? lol that's like...a lot for me. x]
A page! AMAZING! I'll find my motivation! ~FIGHTING!~ =]

This page isn't the best but you know it's okay, because that's what happens after a LONG break lol :] Just a reason to work more!
I'm so sorry!!!
I haven't updated in forever! lol I'm sure no one will read this but...I'll write it anywho.

I've been SUPER busy...which is a HUGE change from when I was updating regularly [so nice...] I even had to stop my gaia art shop because I couldnt get orders done in...a decent amount of time TT_TT So lately I've been wondering if I should stop this too...or at least start over...but I remember telling myself I wouldnt start over...because I do that too much...*sigh* IDK...let's see how things go...Send me motivation please! I'd like to finish...
What happened to that thing we used to call "motivation"? LOL I think mine died...
WAH! I NEED HELP STAYING MOTIVATED! TT___TT my old pages look so pretty and well drawn...D: I NEED HELP!!! *cries*

Random Fact: I love Juice <3
Yeah updates haven't been uh...frequent at all...I'm sorry!!! I have a lot more homework and things to do since I've moved here...UGH! So yeah I'm going to try and get a page done at least once a week just so I can keep up the story and practice my arts skills that are dying D:

AND yes I absolutely hate the last 3 pages...I'm going to 'dump' them and go from it never happened

:] AN UPDATE!!! <3

~Now just don't die

I have an excuse...WAY too much homework UGH! It's evil.
psh yeah someone's got to make sure you update *hinthint*