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I work with music distribution,, a record label, and holistic pet health.

The idea for the comic that brought me here came to me while I was driving back from New Mexico at night. Southern Colorado and New Mexico are notorious for UFO sights and Unusual Animal deaths, so I guess I'm not surprised...
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    Dave Goff
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Next day
You are correct, this is the next day.

I'll try to keep up on DD, things just got a bit busy. At first I was just posting there to try it out, but I like both sites for different reasons.
HA! Right on, nicely done!
Thank you! Enjoyed this quite a bit!
Yeah, either everyone is kinda goth... or I'm just lazy. :)
I have been in exactly this situation; trying to explain to a supposedly LG player why summoning creatures to find traps didn't really fit their alignment choice... It's scary, really.
I also like faterisk... but Phacket is pretty cool
Cool! I think...
I haven't a clue what phacket could possibly mean, but, um, WHOO PHACKET!
Ha! That's OK, I think it's about 9 more than I ever expected! :D
Or maybe a mutant 2-eyed Cyclops (nod to The Noob on that one)
If it doesn't make any sense, you haven't been to enough Renaissance Faires :)
Yeah, can't get rid of him that easy...
Like a rash.
Thanks, I appreciate it. :)
February 23rd, 2008
This is great :)

Added to favorites!
Nope, it couldn't have been purposeful because I haven't a clue who that is :D

I'll have to look that up... thanks for the kind words!
February 11th, 2008
I suppose it depends on the alien... :)
Must be an alien thing... three days of drinking would put me in a coma...
It works though. It's as if you are trying to say that he is just sitting around reading a magazine, same old same old, vague half-formed day-to-day whatever... then suddenly everything comes into focus when he registers that the wrist band isn't part of that blase' day he was having. Cool

But I didn't really get the "Oh well" at the end...
Nicely done with the Giant Skeleton. :)
January 14th, 2008
I'm just glad to see it back!
Yeah, I think I might have grey-dar too. Sometimes I'll go to a grey bar with some friends and all these grey guys will be dancing with each other and I totally knew they were grey right off...

Or wait... am I thinking of the wrong thing?