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Howdy! I'm Magifoofa!

I'm some nerd who likes Mario, Kirby and can't update consistently for the life of them.

(Old account: nosila36. Nothing's there, though.)
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Holy parody comics, Maple Kite!

It's an actual update!
I made a 4th of July picture for you Americans.

You're welcome.
Sorry for making this page so late, I'm a expert at procrastinating.

I'll probably make a buffer for the Mickey Way Washes arc, and while I do that, I'll probably just make random comics to fill the void of waiting.
Poppeh Bruh Jr. was going through his anime phase.

Also, Crud, stop standing on Waddle Deep's foot.
A moldy chicken nugget appears!
The first arc, y'all.
It begins.

Oooh, pretty new title page (for the chapter, anyway). Can't wait for the chapter to start!