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@RandomEgg: whoops, fixed:D
@RandomEgg: hmm, actually yeah, some of the book should be missing, I'll fix that :D
@RandomEgg: She did indeed accidentally take some of the book along with the apple ^^
@RandomEgg: Aww, thank you for saying that, it's very kind ^.^.

Updates should return to their normal schedule.
Back to being a kind teacher.

The glyph table is made by this lovely person:
Why is Mr Lindgren harassing the poor new pupil?
I think this is the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship.
Tsk, tsk, so calculating.

We finally got to the end of chapter 4!
The thief has not given up yet.

So the new Fantastic Beast trailer is out, and I couldn't resist drawing Lindgren as Dumbledore, they look so alike :p 860786
The thief has an important decision to make.
He is far too satisfied with himself.

I sometimes make extra content to my comic on my DeviantArt profile. So here's a drawing of Lindgren chasing the thief:
Is Lindgren starting to lose his patience?
Thief: "You talk too much. bye.
Lindgren: "But I didn't finish my exposition monologue!"
Not his finest moment.
Lindgren to the rescue! Why even bother with guards?
Uh, oh, another intruder?
This shady character proofs nothing, Mr Lindgren!