I love to draw (but I'm bad at it), and I desire to learn every instrument that is available to me. Oh, and I love Pokemon.
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He's boned
Why does this remind me of Yandere Simulator
@martina313: I'm sorry if I sounded offensive. I guess I'm just bad at keeping track of things.
I have a question: do you have schedule for releasing pages or do you just post when you feel like it? Your posting seems inconsistent
The gang's getting back together!
@Silver the Eevee: I was talking about Thesus. Sorry, I should have made that a bit clearer
The ship he stands on is going up in flames and the only thing he can think of is his captive. Great priorities
Wow, it's just that simple!
Talk about a temper tantrum jfc
This comic is absolutely crazy
Those eyes are killing me right now
Well, they're fucked
Poor Lem. Why does Harmony have to be so mean?
Nice png you got there
Holy sh*t
Aster's abilities are so cool
It's back!
An update on my b-day thank you!!!
I just binge-read your entire comic today and I must say, it is absolutely amazing! I saved it into my favorites a long time ago because it looked interesting, but I always post-poned reading it. Now, I regret not reading this sooner.