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I just now followed the link from Purpurea Noxa, and I'm glad I did. The two characters have really great designs, and I can already see where a lot of conflict can come from.

...of course, I was always incredibly fond of the Tremere as a clan, so getting to see them as kind of a focal point sounds great to me. Looking forward to more of this series!
Oops, man, I've missed the last couple of comics and I see that while plot hasn't been done, a... fair bit of vampire has been, so. *laughs* I can tell that you two really enjoy this part of it, which is good! And while I do feel bad for Connor and wish that he had a better person he was with... I can't deny that your art is really good for this. So, looking forward to the next comic!
Oh man, this is precisely the sort of thing that makes me get on board with a ship. Not that I really needed much help with these two, but I have such a weakness for protective knight sorts. I hope he'll be able to get to the bottom of what happened! And totally hoping for a 'happily ever after' for them, too.
I'm glad to see you two back again! Looking forward to maybe unraveling some of the mystery of what happened with Falko, that's part of the plot that I'm still not sure about yet. :)