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Dat face. Hilarious. :DD
I love your, so sincere, New Year's recommendation. I take that to heart. Really!

And - I wish you to do your... 'slighty above standard', as always? :D

Anyway, Happy New Year and a lot of success with your great work.
Best answer ever. :D
December 15th, 2017
Huh. Unfortunatelly Astrid really did take after her father didn't she.
@SoulRaider116: I get what you mean, thanks. And I just like the way how you wrote it down. :)
@SoulRaider116: Well, you think? :D
Interestingly, it's a paradox. Because in fact, It takes a great inner strength to allow oneself to show a 'weakness'.
Hamara in the last panel. :DDD
October 10th, 2017
@Creativityisadisease: Haha I was also going to tell you 'Actually, It's a cool chick' ! :D

But I get what you mean! ;) :D
October 2nd, 2017
@Tazzy: I agree with you that for most (normal) dogs, it would take much longer. Even two days seem unappropriate to me in the case.

But then again, as Kique said, these are not our usual dogs (which are, honestly, in poor condition). Especially Keirr or Roamer are in good shape and 'trained' in this way of living.

Once I had walked a dog that I considered to be okay with a longer walk. It was a big hound (a hunter breed), in it's mid-age, with good care and nutrition. We went on for... Idk, roughly 15-20km? And we've walked only, no running or such. Though it's true that I naturally have an agile pace (that's why I prefer to walk hunter or sled breeds), I wouldn't force the animal to move faster and I wouldn't drag it behind me. I adjust my pace to them. And cuz he stayed right next to me the whole time, I thought he's okay like that.

But few hours after we've returned, this poor creature ended up in a totally drained state for another 2 days. I've realised it was too much for him. I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it.

Since that day, I think our pet dogs are quite 'underdeveloped' in their own natural skills. (Thanks to us, of course.)
October 1st, 2017
@Tazzy: I know, I am not SO bad at math. :)

However, since it's clear (and Kique also stated so) that this is just a vague average of his speed/distance, I see no need to be meticulous about it here.

20km/h is an average speed, but dogs can run two -some breeds even three- times faster than that, when needed; for shorter distances. I wondered about whether it's realistic or not and yes, I think within some circumstances, it is. Thus, the question was answered.

But thank you also for your comment. ;)

PS: I assume he was not walking all the way there, but running also.
September 30th, 2017
@Kique7: Lol I am not. Really.

And please I really did not mean to 'complain' or anything of that sort. I just tend to think ... a lot.

Your art is awesome and the story is interesting. Thank your for your hard work over all these years. And of course, I know it's a fantasy, so, everything in it is completely up to you. Don't mind me in that way. I really like your comic, it's just my curiosity - and it's getting out of its leash from time to time.

Anyway, Thanks for your replies!
September 30th, 2017
@Kique7: Thank you. Can you (as a dog owner, if I am not mistaken?) please tell me whether or not is it real, for a dog to cover 160km in circa 8 hours?

I understand what you're saying and I also consider that it depends on many conditions. And, my 'knowledge' about dogs is very shattered, but still, it kinda seems to me like too much.

I am not a math expert either, I just consider the real experiences with farm animals I have (cattle, horses, and - more or less - the shepherds as well). Sure, most animals overrun human without a problem. But for both men and animal, there's a common trait that the distance covered is much shorter when the creature is moving faster, thus tiring sooner. The speed many animals are able to reach is fascinating (when compared to human runners), and most of them also have much better stamina.

Racing dogs are able to run at incredible speed, but they run for a relatively short distance. They wouldn't be probably able to reach their top speed when running for an hour or so. It's said that wolves are able to travell circa 40 miles per day. That's +/- 65km. Sled dogs are mostly excelling in stamina, but not in the speed (compared to race dogs). Shepherds are 'hyperactive', often changing directions and paces while at work, but prefer to move at slow-to-medium speed when not working. The ones I knew often spent their free time laying somewhere on the farm or sometimes, playing.

From what I've tried to look up on the Internet, it's believed that the (trained) dog's limit is 50-60 miles per day (circa 80-95km).

I hope I do not bother you too much. I am just curious about this matter.
September 30th, 2017
I'd like to ask - and sorry if someone asked/answered this particular question elsewhere already, I honestly do not look into the comment section very often - what distance is one dog (a healthy one, in normal circumstances) able to cover in 1 day? And does it correspond with the distances used in the comic?

I wonder about that, cuz Aedra is (as it's given in the info beneath the map) around 242.000km2 - so, roughly, three times the size of Ireland. In the story so far, the dogs are almost always on the move, travelling. And all this happened (at this point) in 60 days.

PS. I know that they didn't cover a big part of the island yet. But still, it seems kind of interesting how far and how often they travell. Is that based on real abilities, or?

- Yeah definitelly not a dog expert here! :D :)
September 27th, 2017
You know that I just love how you work with colours, moods, and styles? It's something I don't see very often out there (in comics in general), and honestly, your work is the 'most apparent' in this. It's amazing! :))
September 8th, 2017
This looks like magic!
August 9th, 2017
Well, this is interesting - are they some kind of a tribe? Like, local tribesmen? They seem to culturally differ from the guy on a motorbike.

Sorry, a lowly anthropologist here! :D
July 31st, 2017
Oh at least now I know that I am not the only 'freak' out there who likes to combine the design of wild animals, deers especially, with bone skulls. :DD
@Hearts Degrassy: And I am still pretty confused about their anatomy. :D
Hello there, I would also like to wish Katie a very Happy Birthday and a lot of author's creativity for her future work(s)! Happy Birthday! :))

(And I really like your comic!)

Edit: Dat fish for Fish is a hilarious coincidence.