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There’s not much to me, to be perfectly honest. I enjoy playing video games, playing table top, and drawing weird sheit. Can pretty much just call me Nova or poke me and I’ll answer. I’m both Asexual and Aromantic and live in the black hole of California, Fresno.

My inspiration and loves are the Monster Hunter series, H.P. Lovecraft and its’ Mythos, Pathfinder, The Forsaken Realms and a wide range of the White Wolf table top games (Namely Changeling: The Lost of the New World of Darkness).

I own and run a webcomic named Aether Eternius. I update it every Friday! You can support AE by following or even subscribing on Tapastic! ( )
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What a strange nickname to give someone.
@spiremint: Finally someone made that quote!!! <333
Wait.. named a named chapter!?

Yes, I'll be going back and actually naming the chapters now, the whole Act is 'Into the Void'.

But here we go!
@spiremint: MADDA TOO HOT FOR US
@spiremint: The perfect question OuO
November 17th, 2017
@spiremint: Omg.. that s amazing. Ilovethem
November 16th, 2017
I just noticed something, 65's little heart things just moves all over their body.. wut?
Final page of chapter 4 is a page of full art, this was very enjoyable the make! <3

Alright guys! Over the next two weeks I will be on a smol hiatus while I prep for Chapter 5! Leave some questions below, either for me or the cast, and I'll be answering them in a little FAQ session before chapter 5 begins!
Fantastic guest art created by Mharz over at The Angel With Black Wings!

Go give her story a read, it is absolutely fantastic!
@spiremint: Eeyyuuppp! OuO
November 10th, 2017
I just can't, Kalo's big ol sweet puppy eyes kill me. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Tis a good death.
Madda-Rakt is damn well terrifying when pissed off.
Special Guest Cameos by my awesome fellow comic-making friends!

Spire - Recoil -

Emily Ree - Anarchy Dreamers -

Mandy Robertson - #Wafflefry -
And down the rabbit hole he goes. :D
@Em: Lol! Naw, it's about to get worse for Aion, and it's gonna come from Madda-Rakt. ouo
Aion... you're digging yourself a grave.

AE Discord Chat ->
@spiremint: Ikr? Leonard totally knows how to talk to short people. XD
September 30th, 2017
Boi gotta eat too you know!
Names! :D