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There’s not much to me, to be perfectly honest. I enjoy playing video games, playing table top, and drawing weird sheit. Can pretty much just call me Nova or poke me and I’ll answer. I’m both Asexual and Aromantic and live in the black hole of California, Fresno.

My inspiration and loves are the Monster Hunter series, H.P. Lovecraft and its’ Mythos, Pathfinder, The Forsaken Realms and a wide range of the White Wolf table top games (Namely Changeling: The Lost of the New World of Darkness).

I own and run a webcomic named Aether Eternius. I update it every Friday! You can support AE by following or even subscribing on Tapastic! ( )
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@Truefan108: Here's a tiny hint~ The one talking to Madda-Rakt is indeed a Void Primordial. (Void is Space). The little creature though, is not a Primordial at all. OUO
@Truefan108: Nooopppeeee. OUO Das not a null~
The End of Act 1!!
The final page of Act 1! Thank you everyone for sticking with me through this journey! There will be a brief 'Mini-chapter' based on Mandy Robertson's Star-Crossed as a tie in and a 'breather' from the current happenings of AE before heading into Act 2, Descent into Madness!

'Aftermath' will be a mini-chapter dedicated to exactly that, the Aftermath of Star-Crossed, from Dunkan's POV! :D

See you then!
@Truefan108: Among many other things~
@Truefan108: Umbrage, when they were still merged with Aion as one person, was the 'voice of reason'. Now, they're the dominant one in the soul.
@ElementalFoxGoddess: Yes, you have to have died in order to become a Primordial/Elemental. they no longer age however, as they are essentially magic soul creatures. BUT they are timeless/don't age/can't die from age, so over time they learn to control and change their form how ever they like~

As for Gavin, ohohoho I have to keep my lips sealed there. -uo

Feel free to ask questions though! I'm always happy to answer! I'm so happy you're enjoying it! <3
@ElementalFoxGoddess: You're on the right track that they're non-binary! Actually! :D
65 is a true hero! XD
@Truefan108: Makumbo indeed does turn many colors. OuO
@Truefan108: In time, it shall be revealed just how, exactly. For now, just know that you don't have to have the same blood to be considered related. -uo
@MoxMox: *fingerguns* Eeey! XD
I don't think Cas likes being here.
Talk shit, get crit; Aion.
Where IS Dunkan, anyway?
Important news! Aether Eternius has it's very own website now! this means all mirrors will be one update behind the main site. Head over to

To see this Friday's special 'Double Update!'
@Someone: OuO -eyebrowwaggles-
There's our first combatant. B3