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There’s not much to me, to be perfectly honest. I enjoy playing video games, playing table top, and drawing weird sheit. Can pretty much just call me Nova or poke me and I’ll answer. I’m both Asexual and Aromantic and live in the black hole of California, Fresno.

My inspiration and loves are the Monster Hunter series, H.P. Lovecraft and its’ Mythos, Pathfinder, The Forsaken Realms and a wide range of the White Wolf table top games (Namely Changeling: The Lost of the New World of Darkness).

I own and run a webcomic named Aether Eternius. I update it every Friday! You can support AE by following, becoming a Patron or checking out the main site! Which updates ahead of SJ! ( )
If you had the power, the chance to make something happen, even with great risk involved...

Would you still do it?
Death mention and some mild cursing. That's Glacia for you.

Almost to the end of CH1 of Act 2!
Hello Madda-Rakt.. what are you doing alone in the council chambers...?
Amadeus splanin' some deep stuff here.
Meet Amadeus, Styx and Leo... Three.. unique... individuals we don't get to see much due to their interactions with Core, here. They work heavily behind the scenes, so it's a pleasure to finally draw them in the limelight, if not for a short period.
Hmm.. who are you talking to, Core?
@Eeveeisthebest: You'll see who, next update. -ou
@Truefan108: Some things, they're not supposed to know right now... Things meant to be hidden.
@Eeveeisthebest: The mysterious entity at the end of act 1. ouo
@HiddenMoon: Indeed, the comic itself is an actual physical comic you can purchase from Mandy Robertson herself~ I'd recommend reaching out to her on Twitter!
@Eeveeisthebest: Irritation and disbelief. BD
@Eeveeisthebest: Yup, big mood~
@Eeveeisthebest: -thumbs up- ouo
OH HAI MAK.. I think Ira forgot you were there. We certainly didn't. And yes.. they heard everything.

How are they gonna explain this now~
@ElementalFoxGoddess: Tiny feets gots a tiny run~ :D
@ElementalFoxGoddess: Idk? just lucky I guess?
A call back to something Ira did to the 'same person' back in chapter 3 of act 1~