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I'm just your normal pokemon lover, hanging out with my eevees, Vee, Comet, Minty, Shade, and my jolteon, volt.
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Ya Got The Wrong Eeveelution, Absol. It's Flame You Should Be Showing This Stuff Too XD.
Is that Luna? I'm guessing. She has is able to get her paws on play poke magazines. And i think this should have been excepted...
@Eeveelution: Oh Yea. Sorry. I'm Use too Luxio's. Plus I Didn't Get A Good Look At Her Eyes.
OMA I Love The Luxio And Shiny Shinx!
Anime. Japanese. Honestly, The Only Anime I've Seen Is Pokemon. I Haven't Been Able Too See Real Anime.
@Night the fear: ok that's reasonable...
Dusk and Blizz... Best Friends yet also rivals. Sooo... Frendemies? ( so sorry i just HAD too )
Comet: how did flame get his paws on that stuff?
Vee: LKD?
shade: possible...
Volt: Minty?
Minty: *hiding under the table blushing*