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I always wanted to create comics, but I've always hated my drawings too. Now I publish them so anybody can read my stories and later on I'll work on the art, as time goes on.

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So, this took me a time...
Making the menu was difficult, I had to make a research to make the idea very close to the actual menu, but frankly those menus in PIU are awful, an awful mess. With that in mind I wanto to believe I made a "better" version.
The final edit I
So, I always end the page, sometimes it's like the one in Manga Studio, but there are times in which I edit it a lot after that. Colors, backgrounds, effects and sftuff, it's not the usual for me tho
Checking for characters
There are 20 persons registered in the Arakawa's PIU Tournament, so far you've seen 19 (Great O' Ivan was behind a pillar), the 20th is late for the tournament. I drawed 21 persons for this event (including Louie, the host), but I constantly forget to put the last one (her name is Andrea Kurumi by the way).
This page has hints about two things: location of Silvia's world and why PIU is more difficult to master here than real life...
But I have a doubt, is there a 9-panel PIU machine, if there's I'd like to see it.
Finally the page
The page has appeared, and it wasn't easy, but here it is. Fun fact: there are 20 persons in this page, can you number them all?
I'm sorry
The next page is quite complicated, so enjoy temporarily this Silvia's fact page.
Is this progress?
It all strated with a little color, but then this page appeared. I must say it was a hell finishing it, I couldn't save it twice, my app crashed, and my hand hurts like never. Hope you like it
Pain in my hands
This week I've been working in these two pages, and my hands hurts even when I use only one (left hand). But I want to advance a little further for the month, then let's hope my style upgrades in time.
Names, names, names
EDIT: The prevoius design was awful, you don't deserve that, so I fixed it, hope you like it

If you wonder, I create the names before giving them a look, personality and clothes. It's not the best way to work but it is the way that happened.
A weird idea
I'm not sure if this was donde before in mainstream comics (a comic strip in a bubble), but I liked the idea when it came to my head. Hope you like it, and if you don't please let me know.
I think every page gets better, let's hope it maintains that way.
Someone told me
A friend of mine told me that my english was not natural. He's rigth, I'm mexican and I learned english back in my first grades at school, so that explains it.
Didn't love it
I post it because I want to continue the story, but certaintly wasnt' my favorite page ever.
The Beggining
I hope those english classes back in the middle school work now
Is not easy at all
So, kinda the same story for me. I want to live as a writer, I had to start somewhere, right?

Let's start with Silvia, and let's see where I go