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Hello! :D I still have no idea what I'm doing since this is my first comic but I'm still just chugging on and figuring it out as I go lol hope y'all enjoy and had a good Halloween! <3
Peter is on his way back to the bae >w>

I also want to say two things 1) damn over 110 faves thanks y'all ;w; and 2) this is my first webcomic and while I have the plot and stuff down, I'm still getting used to this type of media and am feeling it out a bit as I go with style, pacing, and panels. Thank you for your patience with it all and I'm glad to see so many of you favoriting to read more ^-^
Halloween Costumes!
Hello! I was going to update the comic but I'm in the middle of a move and this week was my birthday so I decided to do something quick and sweet instead to just keep things rolling :p

Hope you're all having a good Spooktober! <3
Sorry this took a hot minute, I've been busy af lately since mine and my daughter's birthdays are coming up :p

Enjoy the new page! :D
I'm sorry the websites have been so shitty to you about all of this. It pisses me off that they don't allow NSFW stuff because as long as it's marked it's not hurting anyone. They're all just big babies. But anyway, I'm glad you didn't let this deter you from art entirely. You're a great artist and I look forward to the rewrite 💙
Heyo, sorry it's been a minute. Life sucks lol but we finally have Peter coming out to Vince in a very simple way. Vince is the kind of uncle we all need tbh

If you'd like to see pages as soon as they're finished, check me out on Patreon!
Peter struggles to talk about his feelings sometimes lol
Check out my special offer on Patreon! ;D
Omg this comic is almost at 100 fans :D Glad you guys have stuck around despite how slow I can be with pages ^^;; Hopefully soon I can allot more time to it ;w;
Ooof it's been a while. But this project is just one of my side ones that I do for fun when I'm in the mood :p Once the story picks up a bit more I'll be updating it a little more regularly :D

Enjoy! <3
Hellooo sorry it's been a while. I went to Sacanime, lost my tablet pen, had to wait for a new one, got the general life depression and all that fun stuff so it took me a while to get this done :p

Hope you enjoy! :D
Another page from the old prologue :p Double update because the two pages go together
Yet another revamped old prologue page. Hope those of you who haven't seen it enjoy, and that those that have forgive me for being so messy ^^;;
If you were here for the original prologue you'll remember this page :p

Early pages can be found on my Patreon! ;D Patreon is three pages ahead rn! :D
He's half vampire :p I'll be going into more detail about it as things go on :)
Here's an extra doodle I did of the bois because I was bored. Hope you've all had a good weekend! <3
Those of you that were around for when I had the prologue up will recognize the next few pages because I just felt it fit better here :p
I've had this done forever and forgot to post it lol WHOOPS

Enjoy! :)
Gabe is clearly a genius.
Posting this page a little early because it's been a while :p

If ya'll ever want pages as they're finished I have a Patreon that is, honestly, mostly used for my writing, but these are on there too. But feel free to check out the writing as well ;D