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Oh dear, they all look so concerned! D: Hopefully they find out that the "witch" is actually really nice before they try to attack her!
They're sooooo cute! <3 ah sweet moments like this are why Skeptical is my favorite webcomic! :D
Ahhh they're all so cuuuute! <3
And dang, he smells like a witch? That sounds somewhat ominous.
Awe their dynamic is so sweet and hertz is always so~ cute! <3
oh dang this girl is definitely in my top 3 favorite characters already!
This page is so cool! I love the way you drew them in the darkness; the lighting makes everything feel so creepy! Also, I am loving Louie more and more with each page haha! :D
ahhhhh they're sooooo~ cute! <3 I think I'm in love too, with this whole comic and every character in it!
Thank you for putting so much effort into the color pallet! It's gorgeous!
And awe poor Aiden, don't worry hun lots of people are bad a bowling!
Oh goodness I cracked up at "I'm taking all the people. None for you." lol
Fantastic art and story as always! Seriously, how do you always manage to make Aiden look so hot!? <3
I super love Avialae! <3 I usually don't leave comments (since I'm too awkward to function) but I saw this music video that fits so well with this comic and I figured I just had to share it :3
This page is so gorgeous! I mean MAOH always amazes me with the quality of the pages but dang the colors and outfit designs on this one are absolutely stunning! Keep up the great work! :3