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But, aren't flowers, Xerneus's thing.
If you lookclosely, i think it's posinle (though unlikely) He's lost an arm.
This comic will contain swearing, blood, likely gore, as well as other controversial topics including sexism.

PLEASE NOTE: That things included in this story, do not necessarily reflect the views of it's creators.
If at any time you feel offended by content of the story, sorry, but you have been warned.

Extra note: This story exists in my personal timeline of the Pokemon world, and is not necessarily canonically accurate, and the story is set in an era where Pokemon have moderate technology, including iron working, and gunpowder, among others. Just thought I'd mention this before we begin.

Also if you want you could go read the original, but I wouldn't recommend it as I did terribly, and the formatting is awful.

One last thing: This first "house keeping" chapter contains misc stuff, like this, thanks for fans, ect. Feel free to skip if you wish.

All this said, enjoy!
Actual ROFL moment here when you realise so far it's been a comic in a comic.
Yes, lock the fire type in a wooden cage.
December 4th, 2017
Pursuit, a move that's gimicky at best.
Anyone else notice the crab who's name I can't rmember on the center one?
And we have a mega Lucario.
*realises this comic uses alt text*
@Blaze01: so it is. Hmm.
Luckally our artificial legend appears to be absent from the lineup.
November 18th, 2017
*in the Emperor's voice*
Do it.
A blind 'mon.
Both of our heros are weak to ghost. Beware.
@Blaze01: I can confirm this statement.
Now they've both fished eachother out of a body of water. In therory.
Let me guess, cave in.
*feels left out as hasn't played PMD other then SMD*