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I am a person who likes Pokemon and star wars, and knows too much trivia. I also write some stuff.
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It's quiet... so something loud's about to happen.
Mimikyu perhapse?
Metallica: Sad but true
A character from the past most likely
*Kiln is not amused*
Did... did her eyes change color?
And thus ends the prologue. Particularly relevant to the main story? Eh... not really.
@LightEclipse: 4-20-1889. A certain not-actually-German guy was born. Just like to point that out. (Now people will rush to google it probably)
April 14th, 2018
@Turtwigsfire13: Well, I'm sure that I shared the link on the Smackjeevees PMD community discord didn't hurt.
I should promote again soon, I haven't since like the start of the prologue
It says something about the state of the site that they're willing to un-list a fairly popular comic, over an April-fools cover, having sidebars.

Especially since I think I saw the admin say that cover boarders are ok in that thread.
Latias? Nobody here seems to notice there's a legendary here. Or is she a regular?
@Turtwigsfire13: Dang it Twigs
The alt text lol
I just realized broken Glass has 15 fans, and I have this thing sitting around on my hard drive from when I'd thought about linking this in the original version (for some reason) when I reached 10 followers.

You won't see the two character here for a while. (Especially since they are in the late story versions.)

Anyway, thanks for 15 fans.
Cecpedine? Did I miss something?
March 24th, 2018
Worked for Obi Wan Kenobi
March 22nd, 2018
I just realized this site format is really bad on mobile, the little menu on the right is put over the comic.
I think there's a reason nobody uses the "pyro black" format. I'll probably change it at some point
Right side is still cut off a bit for me TBH.