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Worth a shot
@Mudorios: More likely the ancient greek Elysium
Er my gets yes it's Gallade
Only the cross dimensional being laughs at this. I am from the world this originats from, abd even I think it's stupid.
Number one way to get someone to touch something is to tell them not too.
I think this was numbered wrong
I am this fisherman
Is thx 4 fanz. Not sure if I even submited one lol. Might be top right though, not sure lol.
@Gidemesh : This has been established for a while. Sora's a she.
@Franchska The Fennekin: lab experiments. Compared to Vay Ford's physical deformities caused by the experiments are tame.
@EeveeGirl: No, Sora's Eve's mom. I'm just saying that in case anyone thought Oliver might be her father, we have an official no. I held it a a minute possibility personally.
@HelloandHi: or Sora's from SSEC, same thing, but at will. Humans love to play god in pokemon.
This is literally why there's a military tactic called the scorpion maneuver.
Poison point?
And here we are dismissing any therorys that Oliver's Eve's dad.
@Flamel: Do Do Do, Doo
He haz his new swah
Do do do, do
@Skylar101: you beat me to it lol.