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@WildfireK: blame English having masculine as the default, heck that's every language I think. Humans.
I'm so happy I read on a tablet right now lol
@ArionArts: we know Sora escaped, and Oliver was sent ahead with an egg we know hatched into eve
Although that's theroretically unecicary as difibulators are really only for heart attacks
*sees pmd IA updated* pls don't be cancellation announcement pls don't be cancellation announcement
Throw enough poop at the wall, eventually some of it will stick.
So this guy has like the half cape think Boba Fett has.
@Bluemj61: I think it's like a H.U.D. or goggles.
Honestly, for the sake of us all, I hope this gets resolved. TBH if you got a patreon going (if your parents let you) I feel many of us would give you a bit to help you get new stuff when it breaks.
Ah, another person who remembers how fast dragonite can fly. (And that it's aquatic(?))
*sees someone*
Smart riolu, know what you're getting yourself into
Dont look at me lol, I noticed who it said did shading on the home page.
@YellowCat200: found it on pokememes under pokemon shaming list soneone posted.
Damit tiny ios keatboards and autocorrect