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I am a person who likes Pokemon and star wars, and knows too much trivia. I also write some stuff.
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@dmr11: It's the dark place Simba should never go
I think Darkri's vision is simply in UV or something. Easy explanation there.
This is very similar to what I drew up for my own PMD-world. The one thing I personally added was protective clothing (IE: aprons and gloves for blacksmiths). Then again my world includes higher technology than most PMD stories.
October 13th, 2018
teleportation of some form I presume will son follow.
*seems legit*
lol what's a fourth wall?
@ShadowStalker1128: Not to nag, but as an FYI, I spotted a typo in panels 1 and 6.
For a more complicated but unique idea, perhaps a vulpix that's hybrid traditional-allolan
Remember me for centuries.
I know it's not the right song. Shush.
*reads alt text*
Noctowl is a pun on the German word for night and owl.
Nacht Owl
Unknown is unusually hard for me to read today T-T
Can someone who is better get a translation for everyone please?
Word of Tanks game strong.
Camping Bush.
dat furret tho
looks familiar...
The plot is going to be good
*insert a certain familiar ship*
@Guest: was referring to the characters TBH