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Hi, hi, yeah, yeah, bladda bladda. I write, draw, and webdesign for the webcomic Abnormal Geometry.

Abnormal Geometry:



~Peace out! mckee11223
I'm Back! Sort of.
So, as of recently, I've been trying out animation.
Check out the page over here! something-with-a

I know, I know, this is choppy and has no sound and etc etc, but again, stick figure test comic! So I get to post whatever mediocre page I want!
Unfortunately, smackjeeves doesn't let me embed videos, so I went and got myself a tumblr to post this page. Check it out for more animation and art stuff!
Anyways, this is the end of chapter 5. I'll probably be back for chapter 6 sometime soon, back to the old, non-animated art styles.
So, I'll keep you posted on that.
~Peace out! mckee11223 @
100 Readers!
Finally! For the first time in AbGeo history (mind you, it's not a particularly long history), WE HAVE CONSISTENTLY HAD OVER 100 READERS!!!!!!
Thank you so much for all the love and support and views! I know it might not seem like much, but again, this is just the shoddy stick figure test comic I wanted to launch for the fun of it. It brings me so much joy that my webcomic brings you joy!
Again, thank you again so much for continuing to read my comic! Some major things are lined up soon!
I love you all!
Peace out! ~mckee11223 @
I love your comic and art style, and I've nominated it for Smackjeeves spotlight! I have to say, I love the new literary major brother. Thou dost mean to warm one's stone-cold heart!
Haha. Anyways, love the comic!
Peace out! ~mckee11223
No! Is he going to become one of them?
@Karubario: Another thing I forgot to mention is that the art style reminds me of this game called "Valiant Hearts." It's beautiful. Really.
I'm intruiged! The art style is so fitting and adorable, and I'm really looking forward to seeing Maggi's origin story!
Welp. Time to wait for new pages like a normal person.
Peace out! Your new loyal supporter, ~mckee11223
Wow! Your comic is so new, but it has such a cool story and art style! I have no doubts that this will become one of the best comics on this site!
Peace out! Your new loyal supporter, ~mckee11223
Awesome comic
I think your comic is amazing. I could learn a lot from your art style and character design development. I really like the way you draw hair! The writing and powers and lore is just really intriguing, too. I can't wait to see the next page!
Peace out! ~mckee11223
I think your comic is really cool! I mean, the art style is just so different from traditional superhero comics, and the characters are much more dynamic than the "I need to save the world" archetypes. I'm looking forward to how this story turns out!
Peace out! ~mckee11223
You know, I think Em's on an agenda here.