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Oh hey, I'm just your normal 21 year old college art student who's also a twin.
We’re baaaackkk!
Although not a fully done page, first page of the new year! Gonna finish this page ASAP as well as all the other ones I have to finish as well lol, one of my resolutions is to finish what I started and to make this comic big and at least get the first chapter done, so wish me luck! Also, new update schedule is Tuesday and Friday so come back on those days for new updates! As always thanks for reading.
Hey guys, back at the comic again! Here's my final update schedule now no more changes, this will be my permanent update schedule! Come back on Tuesday for a new page and as always thanks for reading!
Happy Holidays!
Hey y'all, Merry Xmas! Just wanted to thank all of my readers, before and after for sticking with me this past year for my not so frequent updates and my bipolar schedule and mood lol. 2018 is gonna be a BIG year for this comic so I hope you all will stay tuned and get excited! Hope you all have a happy holiday and an awesome new year!
Hey guys. Sorry it’s been literally a month since I uploaded on here. Honestly, I’m not sure where I’m going with this storyline and it’s been tough to draw and keep it up. Plus real life has become a real annoying factor with working and all and having no money lol. Im not in college right now and I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. I’m not really sure when I plan to update again but I want to try to, for you guys. I do have the first chapter all planned out in my head, it’s just that when it comes to drawing it out.... it just kinda stops and I have trouble with it. Kinda like writers block for artists, so artists block? But anyway guys, I wanted to let you all know I’m still alive, and I hope to wring out at least one update before the year ends, so I hope you all can stick around with me till then. As always, thanks for reading.
Heyyyyyy, I know you’re all mad at me for not uploading now but today I wanted to get a page up no matter if it was done or not! Please stick with me for a little longer lol and thanks for reading!
Name a more iconic duo
Happy Halloween guys! I remembered I had this little gem stored somewhere on my computer, so I decided to upload it because I forgot how funny it was lol, but thanks for reading and have a great Halloween!
Who are these weirdos? I know it’s not a full page but it’s a page! Thanks for reading!
.....I've been watching this lately so I couldn't help but draw a poster of it lol, there will be a new update on Thursday though. thanks for reading
Troubled grass boy
Hello guys! Sorry for no update again, just wasn’t feeling it this week, but didn’t want to leave you hanging, so here’s another filler! Update coming next week!
Hey guys, there's no update today or maybe at all this week. I'm sure some of you have heard about what happened in Las Vegas this past Sunday night, and I just can't bring myself to draw anything this week. I live in Las Vegas and this hit me way too close to home considering I was working on the strip that night, so right now, I don't feel safe as of now. I'm not really sure if the world will ever change either, I've tried to keep an open mind on how things are in today's society, but right now I don't know what to think. Not just in Las Vegas, but in Puerto Rico as well and every other place in the world that needs help. But as always, I wanted to thank you all for reading and your support, and I hope all of you stay safe out there.
Hey guys here's an update for ya! Not exactly what I wanted to do, but I only had time to draw a short comic this time around so I hope you don't mind! But as always, thanks for reading!
hey y'all sorry for the no update yesterday, i'm going to try to upload this week though so please stay tuned! thanks for reading
rhyme all the time
helloooooo everyone! it's back to these scheming boys! but don't worry, i promise next update you'll finally get to see inside the school and maybe more~ i'm actually really excited to see how the rest of the chapter goes, I actually have big stuff planned, so get ready! I saw that my reader count went up a lot btw, so I'd like to thank all the new readers and all my continuing readers.

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back to school, back to school~
Finally arrived at Fieldman High! I don't think I could have thought of a more generic name for a high school lol, but anyways I saw I'm having more readers again, so thank you all so much for reading!
Very healthy partnership
Howdy howdy howdy! The plot is thickening...ooooh! I saw I got a couple more fans readin' my comic so I'd like to thank all the new readers and the continuing readers! Thanks for reading!!!
I scream INternally when I'm trying to remember something. What? Is that weird? Anyways, we're back with these rough and tuff boys!

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a quick update, even though it's not completely finished lol, but I will finish it after I get home from work later!!! I've noticed I have a bit more readers reading my comic so thank you for that!! Thanks for reading!!
Boo! Did I surprise you with this update??? I sure as hell surprised myself... but next page we're ACTUALLY gonna get somewhere and finally arrive to the school!

Wonder who that journal belongs to though...? Thanks for reading!

here's an update for y'all like I promised this week, sorry I took so long to make an actual inked and colored page lol, but I hope y'all will stick with my lazy ass for the rest of the chapter, cuz there's some good stuff comin' soon! Hint: finally going to show up at the school, and introduce more characters I've been wanting to show!

as always y'all thanks for reading!

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yo yo yoooooooo hello everybody I am back.... again.. for like the third time in a row lol.. I'm not gonna make an excuse because by now you guys are probably tired of hearing about it, now that I have a day off today, I'm gonna premake a couple of pages today so ill actually have content to upload for the rest of the month and for the rest of chapter 1!

but for now please enjoy this fanart of ness, the boy from earthbound. and thanks for sticking with me.
The Boy From Nowhere
hey guys... busy couple of weeks lol but of course I found the time to get into this game called Mother 3 and absolutely fall in love with it T_____T

Sorry I missed another update lol, I promise tomorrow there will be a normal update with the comic and not fanart, I just didn't wanna leave y'all hangin' again!!! But get ready we're nearly there, it's about to get a whole lot more interesting!!!