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Oh hey, I'm just your normal 21 year old college art student who's also a twin.
It lives it liiivvessssssss!!
Hello all! Basically you get the gist of my hiatus type absence lol, but I AM coming back this time!! That’s a promise!
It livesssss the webcomic liveesssss!!! Thanks for being patient with me lol hopefully I can get all those readers back, but as always thanks for reading!
Hello all
Hello all! I'm sorry for pulling the disappearing act again, saw I had some readers and then I lost em lol, but I'm back in the game. I'm a stage in my life right now where I've been kinda just going along with the flow, but I'm trying to change things! I want to finish the 1st chapter by this year, so I hope you guys will stick around. Thanks for reading and there will be a page tomorrow!
Hey guys just wanted to let yall know im still kicking lol, and spring break is upon us so there WILL be a page this week, maybe two! But unfortunately, not today! But thanks for reading anyhow~
Hey guys, sorry for not updating on Friday, was in the middle of some stuff. But, here's a new page for ya, and as always thanks for reading!
Cue the heartfelt "Awwwww.."
Hm, I guess he forgot that he saw Sammy's no-no's earlier, but probably best to leave it alone. Thanks for reading!
Gotta love conflict y’all!! Surprising myself and hopefully all of you with an update! As usual, thanks for reading!
Love making new friends!
Heyoooooooooo~ Here's another page for y'all! Hope you guys enjoy this, and stay tuned! Thanks for reading!
Whoa a full update with COLOR??? I know I’m shook too guys. But I just wanted to get a page up as soon as possible for all of you and I’m gonna try to keep up this momentum, so please bare with me! Thanks for reading!
Oh hey!
Uh ohhhhhh what’ll happen next y’all?? Here it is fully colored!
Uh oh!
Ok, so for some reason my pen/tablet are not working in my Manga Studio program so while I'm figuring THAT out, enjoy this page that was supposed to be up on Friday!
hello HELLOOOOOO~ back at it again with.. something? I wanted to let you all know that I have a YouTube channel, and I bet some of you came from that channel to here, but I uploaded an "animation" kinda about one of my experiences getting bullied, so I will leave a link for you all to read! And there WILL be an update on Friday!
We’re baaaackkk!
Although not a fully done page, first page of the new year! Gonna finish this page ASAP as well as all the other ones I have to finish as well lol, one of my resolutions is to finish what I started and to make this comic big and at least get the first chapter done, so wish me luck! Also, new update schedule is Tuesday and Friday so come back on those days for new updates! As always thanks for reading.
Hey guys, back at the comic again! Here's my final update schedule now no more changes, this will be my permanent update schedule! Come back on Tuesday for a new page and as always thanks for reading!
Happy Holidays!
Hey y'all, Merry Xmas! Just wanted to thank all of my readers, before and after for sticking with me this past year for my not so frequent updates and my bipolar schedule and mood lol. 2018 is gonna be a BIG year for this comic so I hope you all will stay tuned and get excited! Hope you all have a happy holiday and an awesome new year!
Hey guys. Sorry it’s been literally a month since I uploaded on here. Honestly, I’m not sure where I’m going with this storyline and it’s been tough to draw and keep it up. Plus real life has become a real annoying factor with working and all and having no money lol. Im not in college right now and I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. I’m not really sure when I plan to update again but I want to try to, for you guys. I do have the first chapter all planned out in my head, it’s just that when it comes to drawing it out.... it just kinda stops and I have trouble with it. Kinda like writers block for artists, so artists block? But anyway guys, I wanted to let you all know I’m still alive, and I hope to wring out at least one update before the year ends, so I hope you all can stick around with me till then. As always, thanks for reading.
Heyyyyyy, I know you’re all mad at me for not uploading now but today I wanted to get a page up no matter if it was done or not! Please stick with me for a little longer lol and thanks for reading!
Name a more iconic duo
Happy Halloween guys! I remembered I had this little gem stored somewhere on my computer, so I decided to upload it because I forgot how funny it was lol, but thanks for reading and have a great Halloween!
Who are these weirdos? I know it’s not a full page but it’s a page! Thanks for reading!
.....I've been watching this lately so I couldn't help but draw a poster of it lol, there will be a new update on Thursday though. thanks for reading