Oh hey, I'm just your normal 21 year old college art student who's also a twin.
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Boo! Did I surprise you with this update??? I sure as hell surprised myself... but next page we're ACTUALLY gonna get somewhere and finally arrive to the school!

Wonder who that journal belongs to though...? Thanks for reading!

here's an update for y'all like I promised this week, sorry I took so long to make an actual inked and colored page lol, but I hope y'all will stick with my lazy ass for the rest of the chapter, cuz there's some good stuff comin' soon! Hint: finally going to show up at the school, and introduce more characters I've been wanting to show!

as always y'all thanks for reading!

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yo yo yoooooooo hello everybody I am back.... again.. for like the third time in a row lol.. I'm not gonna make an excuse because by now you guys are probably tired of hearing about it, now that I have a day off today, I'm gonna premake a couple of pages today so ill actually have content to upload for the rest of the month and for the rest of chapter 1!

but for now please enjoy this fanart of ness, the boy from earthbound. and thanks for sticking with me.
The Boy From Nowhere
hey guys... busy couple of weeks lol but of course I found the time to get into this game called Mother 3 and absolutely fall in love with it T_____T

Sorry I missed another update lol, I promise tomorrow there will be a normal update with the comic and not fanart, I just didn't wanna leave y'all hangin' again!!! But get ready we're nearly there, it's about to get a whole lot more interesting!!!
Hey guys! Another filler for ya, didn't want to leave y'all hanging without something yknow? Agh I'm just like all over the place lately lol it's just hard to stick to doing a daily comic, but I'm gonna try to stick to the new update schedule that I have now. But anyways, please read Paranatural again if you haven't already, and thanks for sticking with me!
Vin is me on a daily basis lol, love the comic so far!
oh my god lol I love the whole look of this comic! I'm coming along on this adventure Feta!!!
Hello again, my devoted fans and new fans! I'm back with a kind of update lol? I just wanted to let you guys know I'm switching up the update dates around to center it around more with my work/off days yknow? Although I don't have a normal update for you all today, there will be one on Thursday! Sorry if you're mad T____T But if you stay and continue reading, thank you so much!
Oh yeah it's also the return of Bobby and that other dude with cool hair who's name has not yet been revealed yet!!!!
Flashback time!
Heyooooo I'm back with an update! It's been a busy week, so I'm sorry it's not fully colored and inked. But you guys know the drill by now lol, once I have the time I will finish it completely!! Going to really try to keep the updates coming in a daily manner, so stay tuned y'all and as always, thanks for reading!
Hey guys! Just a little fan art update! But there will be a regular update tomorrow, just wanted to express my love for Zack Morrison's webcomic, Paranatural and one of my fave characters, Isaac O Connor. If you haven't read Paranatural, I highly recommend you do so!

Also please considering checking out my Patreon! Thanks guys!
I love it so far keep it up!! I don't think anything needs to be changed, I love the colors and the dialogue!!
Also! If you're interested to seeing early views of new pages, or interested in my art in general, consider checking out my Patreon!
Bobby's back!
Whaaattttt? I'm actually updating on schedule?? I'm just as surprised as you are, wow. I busted out this page last night and I gotta say it's one of my favorite so far lol. But I'm gonna pat myself on the back for a second, can't believe I uploaded twice in one week!

Enough self-indulgence though, thanks for reading guys! Get excited for what's to come!!
Staring contest
Hey y'all, I'm back with another update! I love how I said I'm back last update, and then it took me a month to upload again lol... I'm gonna try to pre-make pages, and have a consistent update schedule because this on and off thing is probably annoying to you guys like it is to me lol, so as always thanks for reading!
Oh hey... it's that one nerd who got wedgie-d to a tree branch by Bobby and the other dude with cool hair! Remember?

Anywho, I'm glad to start getting back in the swing of things! I've also noticed a lot more people are reading my comic even though I'm not updating it as much as I should??? Thank you new and continued readers for all of your continued support, really keeps me going! T___T
I KNOW I KNOW I'm sorry T_T this page isn't completely finished but I just wanted to update SOMETHING today, I wanna get back on the wagon I really do. This kinda gives you a little taste of how I draw! ...nah, still not good enough huh? I figured T_T I will have this page fully completed and beautiful looking ASAP! Thanks for reading if you're still around!
im sorry
hey guys, Kadir here! I'm sorry for the complete lack of updates, but I've been kinda just.. stuck I guess with the storyline and where I want to decide to do with it next. I do this kinda thing a lot lol, I get excited about doing something that I've been thinking about doing for a while, and then it ends up being lackluster with once again a lack of updates lol, idk I think it has to do with my confidence and fear of putting my stuff out there more and as an artist, as I'm sure some of you can relate. I'm kinda at the point in my life where I'm trying to decide what I wanna do with my life lol, so it's kinda like up in the air right now.

ANYWAYS, sad speech over, I just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive and I am planning to update this, hopefully sooner than later and I wanna thank those of you that read my comic~ hope you'll continue to read in the future! as always thanks for reading
Heyooooo, sorry this isn't a real update, but I'm trying to get more money so if any of you are interested, I am now opening commissions! If you want one, please feel free to email me at Thanks guys!