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OH... indeed
September 22nd, 2018
it's 2 in the morning and I should have been asleep but I am glad that I was able to read this ^-^
September 22nd, 2018
wow so Imre was right their eyes are really glowing
I knew it, but still having it confirmed it's still sad T-T
After what a day I had I am soo happy to see a new page
btw his face hahaha
WTH is that glowing thing ?
I heard a few "I do what I must" usually it didn't end well
Closer ? You think !?
Well, when they will find out what else you did to Ivo something will sure happen
If he is nervous !? I AM NERVOUS !!!
Finally after ~ 2 years they finally got to the village ^-^
So he is not a shaman for nothing -_-
So the boys are magic ?
WTH !?
What does that mean ?
He's definitely his uncle
That eyebrow . . .
WoW 4 pages this week !?
Thank You Thank You Thank You !!!
I can't wait to see more interaction with the village people
oh yea . . .
You are back !!! ^-^ happy
Christmas is next week
Oh Yessss !!!

They finally arrived at the village ^-^
September 9th, 2017
With the tongue ! Really !?
double update yay
September 9th, 2017
He knew !? O_O
Of course they have changed ! It was kinda obvious that this will happen sooner or later, because, reasons:
They are the main couple so by the gods (authors) they have to be together. In this case since Dragosh is the different one Ivo had to change. Check
Ivo almost died, the creature from chap 3 landing a ethereal attack on him. We can conclude that a near death experience happened to Dragosh too if we take what he said. Check
The "Gate Of Spirits" Dragosk could go throught them and he is still 'alive'. Then he subjected Ivo to the same experience, liquid - Ivo still alive (chap4 p9) Check
Then came the mysterious medicine of legend that healed him and was also ingested by Dragosh at some point (p 16) Check
Oh yea and not in the last place, my favourite, exposure to Dragosh and his fluids. Not only was he in constant proximity of him he also contacted his fluids and that is the fastest and easiest way to catch something, be it a virus or, something else . . . Check

It would have been more of a surprise if something like this wouldn't have happened ^-^
PS: I love the name Dragosh, I have this name in my country and I was so shocked to see it, but we actually have a letter for the 'sh' sound it's ș