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A person who enjoys video games and friends. Avatar made by my good friend, Mango. Avatar character is named Clover and she is a Fox Fauns from a RWBY role play game that I play with friends.
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    Alec Arbogast
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Damn there goes my one of my final 3 pick but oh well I'm not butt hurt. Slash was amazing, plain and simple. He's probably going to be the best character in this season in my opinion. Jeannie I'm going to rooting for your comeback.
Ollie you are awesome and it's ether Jenny or Derek who is going home.
This is the first time this season I honestly don't know who's going to go but I'm going to giving my 2 guesses, Raiza or Mele are going to leave
YES!!! THANK GOD!!! Bye Tony you wont be missed!
Bye Jahira it was fun while it lasted.
I hope Kade leaves but I'm not too sure now.
@Tailslover13: I'm going to agree with you on this one, without the powers SFC would be bland I mean look at SFC 7 that was a boring season. Plus SWSU-Master is probably going to have a chllange where Raiza not going to have the mech and she's probably going to lose and be voted off.
Sorry but I don't believe in Kade, but sadly I see this going in his favor and him sticking for 8th or 7th.
didn't see this coming.
Well CutieCat enjoy the ride up top.
predictable boot is predictable now onward to the next Tribal where things might not go has planed.
Raiza is a good comedy character thou I don't think she is going to get to final 3.
Good luck Josh I know you can do it! Ollie is amazing and Koko is probably my favorite character this season so far.
Sadly I seen this one coming even though I didn't want it to happen. Bye Quickscope you will be missed. I have to say though Josh will come over odds and in the end beat Tony, Kade, and Mele.
I think Quickscope is going but I hope Tony leaves cause he's playing a very stupid game right now.
I wouldn't be surprised if Skippy needs a changed of pants with last panel, also I fell like a violence elimination is going to happen with Ollie.
Alright for who is going to leave this time it's going to be Tony or Quickscope not to sure yet, going to make my true pick next page when I have a bit more info.
Ok I'm back, had a computer crashed and it took a while to fix but enough of my problems let's talk about what happen the past few comic pages. I was right about the blindside about Joy, Jenny really getting on my nerves, Lester is a total dick, and Cutiecat is playing a dangers game where Jahira could try for the back stab on her.
I know I'm a bit crazy but I think it's going to be Joy that will be blindsided this vote.
Well that happen. Damn now I fell bad about the lazy ass comment I gave Amadues last time.